2018 Presidential Scholarship Winner - Arianna Tenor

2018 Presidential Scholarship Winner - Arianna Tenor


What do you love about Ambrose?

When I first walked into Ambrose, I immediately noticed the warm and inviting atmosphere where students, faculty and staff are committed to helping each other succeed. Ambrose has a strong community feel. Faculty, staff and students are engaged and want to get to know you. Learning in a Christian environment is transformative and exciting and has enabled me to grow my faith and feel empowered to discuss my religious journey with others. Attending chapel with other students and working to integrate my faith into my learning, has helped me to see the places where God is working in my life.

Transitioning into university right out of high school can feel overwhelming. Faculty know this fact and are willing to help you work through any potential issues you might be having. The academic programming at Ambrose has challenged me to think in new and exciting ways through rigorous coursework that tests me and my abilities. Learning how to write university-level academic essays can feel very intimidating. The professors are here help get you started through advice and tips and it is especially helpful if you meet with professors one-on-one. I’ve enjoyed getting to know other students and my professors, something that is achievable and treasured by me because of small class sizes.

How have you been involved in the community, church or Ambrose?

I am currently serving as an Ambrose student ambassador. I enjoy this role because it allows me to get to know prospective students on a one-on-one basis. I am also a member of the Campus Activities Board, which meets periodically to plan events for the Ambrose student community.

I am an active member of my home church here in Calgary, where I regularly volunteer on Sunday morning to support our technical team and visuals. I also currently serve on my church’s call committee which participates in the hiring of a new permanent pastor for our congregation.

What are your career aspirations?

I have plans to continue on to graduate school after the completion of my Bachelor degree in Behavioural Sciences. What I will study at the graduate level is yet to be determined, but I continue to put my trust in God’s plan for my life as I move forward.

What advice would you give to prospective grade 12 students who are thinking about applying for this scholarship?

  • Start well in advance of the application due date. You will want to give plenty of time for each of your references to spend the time to thoughtfully write your reference. You will also want to give yourself a good window of time for the collection of the required documents and to ensure that you put your best foot forward.
  • Don’t leave abilities/skills/accomplishments out. Show Ambrose who you are! We want to get to know you and what makes you unique. Help us to get a sense of what drives you and what you are passionate about by including in-school clubs, extracurricular activities and hobbies.
  • Visit our campus. The Ambrose student for a day program can help you to see first-hand all that Ambrose has to offer and what you can expect as you begin your educational journey. I attended the student for a day program shortly before I applied for the Presidential scholarship. This visit helped me understand the atmosphere of the school and what I needed to prioritize in my application.
  • If you are shortlisted for the scholarship, congratulations! Attend the two-day event, meet professors and other potential students and enjoy being treated like VIPs. The event itself helped me get a sense of the day-to-day atmosphere of Ambrose, from attending a chapel service to getting to talk to professors about program options. If you come from out of town, Ambrose will help to cover expenses, which will allow you to get a feel for residence and what living on campus could look like for you.

How has winning the Presidential Scholarship blessed you?

The presidential scholarship has been a tremendous blessing for me as it has given me more flexibility with my time and energy as the stress of paying for my degree has been lifted off my shoulders. The concern over paying tuition is difficult for every student, so there is peace of mind for myself and my family in knowing that my education is free. The process of applying for the Presidential scholarship gave me the opportunity to truly understand what I have accomplished thus far in my life and the innumerable gifts I have been given. Having the opportunity to study at Ambrose has allowed me to grow in my Christian faith as I grow my mind in preparation for the future.

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