3 reasons why a Calgarian chose to live in residence

Ambrose Student Ambassador Kaitlin Henczel

Kaitlin Henczel

Yes, you read that right! I am a third-year student, originally from Calgary, and I have chosen to live in residence all three of those years! Here are my reasons:

1. Community

  • Events
  • Friends
  • Movie nights
  • Spontaneous adventures

The biggest factor of why I chose to live in residence my first year was the community you find in Res. You have immediate access to new friends who you can share life with, while facing the same stresses and challenges together. Res will very quickly become one big family as you learn to love the people on your floor by building lifelong relationships with them.

My initial plan was to do one year in residence and then either move back home or find a place on my own, but very quickly the Ambrose Residence became my new home. There was always a support group around me no matter what I was going through. I was always felt connected to people and had multiple options of fun things to do every night of the week.

2. Convenience

  • Sleeping in
  • Not worrying about traffic
  • Naps or breaks during the day

Imagine waking up 15 minutes before a class and walking less than one minute to school. This has been my morning routine for the past 3 years now. Not only are you super close to the school, but you can come back to your room at any point in the day to rest, take a break, or do homework. I love Res because when I have a dreaded 8:15 am classes I can wake up, go to class, and come back to my room afterwards for a nap. Can you tell I am not much of a morning person?

3. Independence

  • No parental check-ins or answering the “where are you going?” question
  • You can go to bed and wake up when you want
  • You can make your own choices

Some people could argue that living in dorms isn’t independence, but for someone coming out of high school, living on Res can be a first big step to life on your own. Although my family was only a 20-minute drive away I wasn’t under the same roof anymore. I had my own schedule, could make my own decisions and I didn’t have anyone watching over me at all times.

So, if a Calgary girl can live in residence for 3 years and love it, I know for a fact you will too!



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