3 Tips for Living with a Roommate

MacKenzie Ambrose Student Ambassador

McKenzie Baker

Are you thinking about living in residence? Worried about who you will end up living with? There is no reason to worry, we have got you covered! Living with anybody can be hard. It can take time and dedication to finally get to know the person and to know what makes them tick but once you do, I promise it will be rewarding! Here are my top four tips for living with a roommate!

Learn more about your roommate

There is nothing harder than living with a person who you barely know. My number one tip would be to take some time to get to know the other person. Figure out what it is that you both enjoy, maybe you will discover that you have a lot of the same interests. Make sure you ask them questions like “do you like it hot or cold while you are sleeping?” or “when you get stressed, what is the best thing I can do for you?” Who knows, you may even end up being best friends.

Figure out what you need to succeed

Every one of us has things that we need to get a good night’s sleep, de-stress, or even get work done, and for each person, this can take different forms. Before moving in with someone else, we need to figure out what these activities are for you. For me, it can be as simple as taking a walk, listening to music, or going to the library to study. Once you discover what makes you tick, it will be easier for you to demonstrate that to your future roommate!

Have patience!

Things are never going to be exactly how you want them to be. In a relationship, each person is going to mess up or do something that affects the other. My third tip for you would be to have patience. Is it a stressful time of year? Are you feeling overwhelmed or homesick? I can almost guarantee with a little bit of patience you can always make a situation work to your advantage!

Have fun!

Ambrose residence is a blast! The residence is where I have made some of my best friends. I am not going to lie, living with people can be extremely hard, but it can also be extremely rewarding. Get involved with things that are going on, and have fun while doing them. I can guarantee that it will be worth it in the end!

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