5 Ways to Focus After Winter Break

5 Ways to Focus After Winter Break

Ambrose Student Ambassador Kaitlin Henczel

Kaitlin Henczel

Coming back after winter break can leave you struggling to get back into a routine. It can leave you with a lack of motivation and unable to get back into the full swing of the semester. Here are five ways to help you get back on track and succeed this semester.

Make a schedule and plan ahead

Schedules don’t always work for everyone, but the most important thing to know is your due dates. For me, at the beginning of the semester, I need to know what I have each week and what I need to have done before class. Based on my schedule I can make a plan for what I want to have done each week. My schedule sets me up for success and helps me not get too overwhelmed.

Aim to get ahead on one assignment or in one class

At the beginning of the semester choose one large assignment or class, and to start working ahead. Working on projects in advance will leave you less stressed and overwhelmed by your school work. You’ll be thanking yourself later when you find that you get swamped at the end of the semester.

Find study buddies to keep you accountable

Find a study buddy in one of your classes, a roommate, or best friend to keep you accountable for the time you have set aside to do homework. Motivate each other to stay focused and to encourage each other not to fall behind in your deadlines.

Find a new coffee shop or new study location

Explore the city to find a new place that you can go when you need to get away and cram for an exam. It acts as a reward as you can treat yourself while you’re there studying and it’s a new environment to keep you from getting bored too easily.

Remember to HAVE FUN!

Leave time in your schedule to go out with friends, have spontaneous adventures, and do things you enjoy. Don’t get so overwhelmed in the first month back to school that you only focus on studying. January is still a great time to have fun and enjoy the all of the fun winter activities you can when you have the time.

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