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The Team 

We are here to serve the student body. The ASC consists of elected and appointed officials who are dedicated to improve the experience for the student body at Ambrose University through Planing Events, Advocating for the Students, and Connecting them with opportunities throughout the university.
If you would like a 1-on-1 meeting with any of our members, feel free to reach out through the emails provided below and they would love to set up a time to meet with you. Due to covid restrictions each student council member will set up a meeting that is safest for everyone involved, this may result in a zoom meeting. However, despite covid restrictions our council would love to make time to meet with you, chat with you, and listen to you. 
Here is a little bit more about your ASC team this year!


Lauren Schmitke



VP of Academics
Logan Horn



VP of Finance
Rob Rayas



VP of Community Life
Alexa Carleton



VP of Spiritual Life
Kate Stacey



VP of Marketing and Communications
Brenna Bazinet



Executive Assistant
Shonda Kitchen



Director of Operations
Noah Bears



Director of Wellness
Madison Gilborn



Director of Social Justice
Amy Bourque


Support Staff


Associate VP Student Life
Monique Verhoef


Administrative Assistant of Student Life
Laurie Ashlin-Mayo