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At Ambrose, you'll learn from people who are at the top of the teaching, higher education and research game. Our faculty are experts in their fields who are constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge -- and want to share with you. 

Small classes means that you'll know these faces and they will know yours.

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Name Position Location Phone Email
Liza Abraham Associate Professor Chemistry Liza Abraham, PhD, MSc, BSc Assistant Professor of Chemistry A2160 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6921
Director of Library Services, Sandy Ayer H.D. (Sandy) Ayer, MLS, MCS, BA Director of Library Services L1042 +1 (403) 410-2947
Jo-ann Jo-Ann Badley, PhD, MCS, BA (Honours) Dean of Theology
Associate Professor of New Testament
L2043 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 3994
ambrose faculty monetta bailey Monetta Bailey, PhD, MA, BA Assistant Professor of Sociology L2090 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 5901
Mark Buchanan Associate Professor Pastoral Theology Mark Buchanan, MA, MCA, BFA, BA Chair, Continuing Education and Pastoral Formation
Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology
L2071 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 7907
Ian Charter Ambrose Arts Music Ian R. Charter, MMus, BEd, BRE Associate Professor of Music G2185 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 4900
christina conroy associate professor of theology Christina Conroy, PhD, STM, MDiv, BBS Assistant Professor of Theology L2066 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 7902
Charles Cook, PhD, MDiv, BTh Professor of Global Studies and Mission
Director of the Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives
L2045 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 7901
Kathy Crawford Education Field Experience Coordinator and Lecturer Kathryn Crawford, MEd, BEd Lecturer RE 148 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6908
James Cresswell Associate Professor of Psychology James Cresswell, PhD, BA Proposed Chair, BA Psych
Associate Professor of Psychology
L2107 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6904
Rita_D Rita Dirks, PhD, MA, BA Associate Professor of English Literature L2067 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 5900
Ken Draper Professor of History Kenneth L. Draper, PhD, MA, BA (Honours) Professor of History
Director of Planning and Assessment
L2085 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 2916
Darren Dyck English Program Darren Dyck, PhD, MA, BA (Honours), AA Assistant Professor of English L2062 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6931
Edwin Gnandt Associate Professor of Music Edwin Gnandt, MMus, BMus Associate Professor of Music G2187 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 5903
Jonathan Goossen Associate Professor of English Jonathan Goossen, PhD, MA, BA, BCM Assistant Professor of English L2062 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 5960
Barrett_H Barrett Hileman, MFA Chair, Arts
Director of Theatre
Lecturer, Theatre
LL108 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6901
Alan Ho Associate Professor of Psychology Alan Ho, PhD, MSc, BSc Associate Professor of Psychology L2088 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 5911
Dan and Melodie Ibsen - International Workers in Residence Dan and Melodie Ibsen, D. Min and BEd International Workers in Residence L2111 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6934
Kyle Jantzen Professor of History Kyle Jantzen, PhD, MA, BA Chair, Humanities
Professor of History
L2087 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6902
Alice Kung Childrens Ministry Alice Kung, MA-LM (Honours), CPA-CMA, BCom Instructor and Program Advisor, Children & Family Ministries - -
val lieske associate director ambrose acting Val Lieske, BA Associate Director of Theatre RELL106 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6912
sherry martens ambrose dean of education Sherry Martens, PhD, MA, BEd Associate Dean of Education
Assistant Professor of Education
RE 134 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6919
Bill_M Bill McAlpine, PhD, MDiv, BA Professor of Practical Theology L2077 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 4901
Alyssa Michaud Music Lecturer at Ambrose Alyssa Michaud, PhD (ABD), MA, BA, AA Lecturer, Music G2202 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6920
Tim Moore Associate Professor Youth Ministries and Director of Field Education Tim Moore, DMin, MA, BSc Associate Professor of Youth Ministry
Director of Field Education
L2047 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 4902
matthew morris biology lecturer Matthew Morris, PhD, MSc, BRE, BSc Assistant Professor of Biology A2158 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6932
Ken Nickel Associate Professor of Philosophy Ken Nickel, PhD, MSc, MAR, BPAS Associate Professor of Philosophy L2103 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6903
Charles_N Charles Nienkirchen, PhD, MA, BA (Honours), BTh Director of the Down Ancient Paths Travel Study Program
Professor of Christian History and Spirituality
L2069 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 5905
Pam Nordstrom VP Academic Affairs Pamela M. Nordstrom, PhD Vice President, Academic Affairs
Professor of Higher Educational Administration
L2051 +1 (403) 410-2927
Acting Biology Chair Ted Pike Ted (Edward) Pike, PhD Acting Chair, Biology
Lecturer, Biology
A2156 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6930
Randy_P Randy Poon, PhD, MBA, BComm Chair, Business
Associate Professor of Business
L2055 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6513
Angie_R Angie Redecopp, MBA, LLB, BEd Associate Professor of Business and Community Development L2057 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6907
Nicki Rehn, EdD, MEd, GradDipEd, BSc Assistant Professor of Education RE150 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6927
Bev Bev Ross, MHRD, BRE Registrar A1005 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 2974
Alex_S Alex Sanderson, PhD, MSc, BA Chair, Behavioural Science
Associate Professor of Psychology
L2101 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 5907
Linda_S Linda Schwartz, PhD, PhD (ABD), MMus, BMus Dean of Arts & Science
Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
L2041 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 3998
Jennifer Singh, PhD, MDiv, BA Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies L2050 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6922
Ambrose President Gordon Smith Gordon T. Smith, PhD, MDiv, BA President
Professor of Systematic and Spiritual Theology
A2031 +1 (403) 410-2941
Rob_S Rob Snow, PhD, MCS, BTh Associate Professor of New Testament L2069 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6914
Beth_S Beth Stovell, PhD, MCS, BA Chair, General Theology Studies
Associate Professor of Old Testament
L2076 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 3995
Joel Thiessen Professor of Sociology Joel Thiessen, PhD, MA, BA Professor, Sociology
Director, Flourishing Congregations Institute
L2105 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 2979
Colin_T Colin Toffelmire, PhD, MA, BTh Chair, School of Ministry
Associate Professor of Old Testament
L2074 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6916
Bernie Van De Walle Historical and Systematic Theology Bernie Van De Walle, PhD, MPhil, MDiv, BTh Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology L2075 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6906
Tim Vanderpyl Associate Professor of Business Tim Vanderpyl, DSL, MA, BPA, CPHR Associate Professor of Business L2052 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6937
Christopher Wang Assistant Professor of Biology Christopher Wang, PhD, MSc, BSc Assistant Professor of Biology L2113 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6910
John_W John Wiest, MSc, BSc, BMus Lecturer, Mathematics - +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6915
Ryan Wilkinson Assistant Professor of History Ryan Wilkinson, PhD, MA, BA Assistant Professor of History L2074 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6936
Matt Wilks Matt Wilks, MA, BA Lecturer, Youth Ministry
Director, Legacy Youth Conference
- -
Professor of Practical Theology, Arch Wong Arch Wong, PhD, DMin, STM, MDiv, BA (Honours) Professor of Practical Theology
Director of e-Learning and Modular Learning
Associate Director, Flourishing Congregations Institute
L2053 +1 (403) 410-2909
Chair, Seminary Professional Master of Arts Programs Terry Young, PhD, MDiv, BTh Chair, Seminary Professional Master of Arts Programs
Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology
L2079 +1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 7900