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Fall 2020 Frequently Asked Questions


As we prepare for Fall 2020 you will have many questions. The following are our priorities as we plan to deliver a quality Ambrose education grounded in our mission:

  1. The health and wellbeing of our students, staff and faculty. Ambrose is closely following the public health guidelines for post-secondary institutions in the province of Alberta that include physical distance requirements.
  2. The quality of the educational experience.
  3. Community life and supports for all students.


As of June 12, 2020 the province of Alberta entered Stage 2 of relaunch and therefore the following framework for Fall 2020 reflects the health and safety guidelines at this time. As of August 1, the City of Calgary requires masks to be worn in indoor spaces.

  • Physical distancing is required wherever possible
  • Masks are required in indoor public areas (e.g. hallways)
  • Extensive sanitization, screening and monitoring practices are in place
  • Maximum classroom size is one third of capacity with social distancing in place

Ambrose continues to be in communication with local and provincial governments and public health authorities as we await further announcements regarding post-secondary education in the Fall.


How will classes be delivered for Fall 2020?
Classes will be offered through one of the following three distinct teaching delivery models:

1. In-person classes

In-Person classes will require students to be on campus at scheduled times. With our small class sizes and commitment to a consistent delivery method throughout the Fall semester, we will have the opportunity to continue in-person education while observing social distancing and safe classroom gatherings.

In-person classes which requires students to be on campus at scheduled times. Ambrose is committed to delivering classes through consistent delivery throughout the semester.  Given that our classes are small – we will have the opportunity to continue in-person education while observing social distancing and safe classroom gatherings.

Some courses (e.g. labs, music) require in-person interaction and are therefore only available as an in-person option

2. Hybrid classes

Hybrid classes will provide a mix of online delivery and in-person interaction within one class.

Hybrid classes will not be available as an online component only, but rather, students will be required to participate in both. Students will be expected to be available on campus at the scheduled times and based on physical distancing capacities each instructor will determine in-person schedule.

3. Online classes

Online classes will be delivered solely through online with no in-person requirements.

Will the Academic Calendar of important dates remain as published?
There is no modification to the academic dates and deadlines for the Fall 2020 semester. The first day of classes is September 9. View full academic schedule here:

Do I have to be physically present on the Ambrose campus for Fall 2020?
Your presence on campus depends on the delivery method of the classes you are registered in. However, given the nature of labs, internship, field education, and hybrid courses, you should plan to be present for most classes at Ambrose.

How do I know which classes will be in-person, hybrid or online?
A detailed revised schedule has been released as of mid-July. The revised schedule can be found here

If all my classes are fully online, do I need to be in Calgary or on campus for Fall 2020?
No. You are expected to be available for the course lectures as indicated in the syllabus, engage with the learning material and assignments, and be mindful of any time differences from your location.

Will I be able to access academic supports during Fall 2020?
Yes. Tutoring, writing support, academic success workshops, and accessibility supports have not only transitioned to providing online access, but have also enhanced content to recognize the unique academic challenges for Fall 2020 given class delivery.

I am concerned about academic accommodations for Fall 2020.
Please contact to ensure your accommodations are as needed for Fall 2020.

All new students with disabilities should register with the Accessibility office as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

I’m already registered, will my class schedule remain the same as initially posted?
In order to provide safe and healthy classrooms, adjustments are being made to increase the time in between each class. Class start times have been adjusted accordingly. Please check your student registration system for revisions and connect with your Faculty Advisor with any specific concerns.

What technology will I need for Fall 2020?
We are recommending that all students have access to a computer with a camera and microphone and internet/WiFi access. Please contact Academic Success or your instructor with any concerns.

What if I’m required to be on campus but I live with someone who is immunocompromised?
Ambrose cares about the wellbeing of our students. If an alternative can be provided by the instructor, we will accommodate. This is at the discretion of the instructor and varies from class to class.

What if there is a second wave during the Fall 2020 semester?
Ambrose has worked closely with the public health guidelines, including implementing an emergency rapid response plan should a second wave present itself. Student, Faculty and Staff health and safety is our priority and Ambrose will continue to follow all guidelines as COVID-19 updates are available.

How will practicums and field education be offered?
Ambrose is following the provincial guidelines and in doing so has made the adjustments necessary for arts programming to continue in the Fall.

Students who are required to register for practicums and field education should contact the following faculty:

  • Arts & Science Programs Faculty Advisor
  • School of Ministry & Seminary Ric Strangway, Coordinator of Field Education
  • School of Education Heather Provencher, Director of Field Experience

Will the revised academic grading Credit/Non Credit option continue for Fall 2020?
No. Ambrose implemented a revised academic grading approach for Winter 2020 given the emergency presented during COVID-19. Ambrose returned to our standard grading scheme for Spring 2020.


Will there be chapel?
Yes. Spiritual formation is a key component of the student experience at Ambrose. There will be an in-person chapel each Tuesday, with an online chapel available Thursdays.

Spiritual formation is integrated throughout the educational experience at Ambrose and we will continue to highlight and invest in opportunities for spiritual growth together.

Will residence be open? 
Yes. Our Residence Life team have been preparing and praying for this upcoming year as we adapt to the health guidelines. In addition to health and safety, enhanced programming to increase community and build meaningful relationships is already developing.

Every Residence student will now have their own personal space in a single room. For full details on our Residence program, costs, food services and safety protocols in place for Fall 2020 visit

Will athletics take place in Fall 2020?
Ambrose is a member of the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) who have cancelled the Fall 2020 season of play. While our Lions athletics teams will not participate in a competitive ACAC schedule, our athletics staff will communicate with each team on training, workshops, leadership development and other athlete activities.


I’m a new student and unsure about meeting admission requirements?
Ambrose will accept the completed course grade sent by Alberta Education upon completion of each course. In addition, the SAT/ACT (American) requirements will be waived for Fall 2020 intake. Visit for more information or contact your Admissions Advisor.

Will there be orientation?
Ambrose orientation will take place (online and hybrid) prior to the first day of classes through a variety of in-person and online delivery. Dates and details will be released July 1.
Orientation is required for all international students.


How is my study or work permit affected with hybrid or online class offerings?
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have stated that the decision to move classes online will not affect your eligibility for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) or your status as a student as long as you have a valid study permit or a study permit approval letter. Visit for details.

"PGWPP eligibility will not be affected for international students whose fall 2020 courses will be online due to COVID-19. Students in this situation may begin their classes while outside Canada and complete up to 50% of their program via distance learning if they cannot travel to Canada sooner. In addition, they will not have time deducted from the length of a future post-graduation work permit for studies completed outside of Canada, up to December 31, 2020."

Should you decide to stay in Canada, you can stay on your study permit as long as you're still a student. If you will no longer be studying, you can apply to change your status to visitor as long as your study permit has not expired.

Please ensure that you still maintain a valid status while in Canada. Students who currently have a study permit extension application in progress will benefit from implied status and may remain in Canada until a decision is rendered on their application.

Are there travel updates for Canada?
The Government of Canada has clarified exemptions to the travel restrictions for international travelers seeking to enter Canada that were announced on March 16 and took effect on March 18.
Exemptions to the air travel restrictions will apply to foreign nationals who have already committed to working, studying or making Canada their home, and travel by these individuals will be considered essential travel for land border restrictions. This exemption includes international students who held a valid study permit, or had been approved for a study permit, when the travel restrictions took effect on March 18, 2020.

You can read the full details at

Do I need a study permit if I chose online courses and stay at home?
If you are remaining in your home location, you do not require a study permit to take courses online. We recommend students apply for their study permit as soon as possible to ensure there is no delay for future enrolment.

You can expect delays in study permit processing due to the COVID-19 situation, therefore, we’re advising students to apply online as soon as possible to get into the queue so as to increase their chance of getting their application approved in time for the start of classes. The Government of Canada has confirmed that they continue to process study permit applications. Biometrics collection deadlines have been extended to when offices are re-opened. Once your application is approved, you will be notified about when you may travel to Canada. 

Visit for ongoing updates and the most up to date information.

Will I have to self-quarantine upon arrival in Calgary?
Yes, all international travellers are required by law to quarantine for 14 days after arriving at their destination. This means having a plan in place for where you will safely quarantine and minimizing all contact with others en route to your location of quarantine. Up to date information is available on the Government of Canada website at

Will there be an Orientation program?
Ambrose orientation will take place (online and hybrid) prior to the first day of classes through a variety of in-person and online delivery. Dates and details can be found here
Orientation is required for all international students.


Will Ambrose reduce tuition given that not all courses are in-person?
Ambrose is not planning to reduce tuition or fees. Ambrose is committed to providing an exceptional educational experience. While not all classes are in-person, course syllabus, quality of faculty interaction, expanded academic supports, multi-faceted community life, mental health supports and integral spiritual formation will continue with intention. All services have been and continue to be expanded for accessibility beyond in-person (e.g. virtual tutoring).

Tuition details can be found here

Will student fees be reduced?
All services have been and continue to be expanded for accessibility beyond in-person (e.g. virtual tutoring).Therefore, fees will not be reduced for Fall 2020.

Are their financial supports available for students?
The province of Alberta has made available the following supports. Please see the following for more information.

  • Alberta Emergency Financial Assistance: for unexpected emergencies
  • Alberta COVID-19 Supports: Education property tax freeze, Utility payment deferrals, tax changes, student loan repayment deferrals
  • Protections for tenants: tenants cannot be evicted due to non-payment of rent, no rent increases, late fees cannot be applied to late rent payments for the next three months, payment plans made between landlord and tenants should be made during public health emergency
  • Food Bank Support: the Province of Alberta has committed funds to support food banks across Alberta in their food supply efforts. Please click here for Calgary food bank information.
  • City of Calgary: on-going pandemic support is provided here, such as social supports, utility deferrals, amenity updates
  • Banks - we encourage students to consult with their banking institution for possible supports available

The Government of Canada has implemented the COVID-19 Economic Response plan that supports individuals and businesses. Initiatives such as the Canadian Emergency Student Benefit (CESB - available in May), Canadian Emergency Relief Benefit (CERB), Employment Insurance sickness benefits, Indigenous Support, and Canada summer job program changes might be able to help you during this time. We recommend frequently checking this site as support continues to evolve.

For details on Ambrose scholarships, awards, and financial assistance please visit here.


The mental and physical wellbeing of our students continues to be a priority. Professional counselling and the following supports are available now and throughout the semester.

Mental Health Resources:

Supports continue to be available at Ambrose and in your community. Please call 9-1-1 if you are in a crisis situation.

Through the undergrad health and dental plan at Ambrose ALL undergraduate and education students have access to a few important mental health supports.

  • TAO Connect: This app is called Therapy Assistance Online and can be downloaded to any device. There is access to self-help tools, screening tools, and education modules to help assist you with many common concerns including anxiety. It’s simple. Sign in with your Ambrose email address and you have access to help that has been proven benefits.
  • I.M Well App: 24 hour access to a masters level counselor, phone chat with a doctor and get over the phone medical referrals, legal advice, nutrition consultation, addiction information, and access to life coaching. Download to any advice.
  • Student VIP Health and Dental: For those who are on the undergrad health plan you have benefits for taking care of yourself. There is $800 in benefits to see a counsellor. See the plan for details.
  • Ambrose Counselling: Ambrose counsellors remain available until the end of June.
  • Past Helpful Wellness and Spiritual Life Modules: Our Student Life created some helpful modules when COVID-19 hit, including one on grieving our losses and one on anxiety. Take a look.

In Your Community

There are mental health supports in your community. In most city centres, dialing 211 will help connect you to resources that can help, like the Distress Centre in your area.
The federal government has launched mental health supports, available for all Canadians, during this time. Visit “Wellness Together Canada” at
Access Mental Health: In Calgary, Access Mental health has information, referrals and consultation for individuals and families. Visit

Your Ambrose Enrolment Team

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We are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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