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What Makes Ambrose Different?

A Professor’s Perspective

By Jonathan Goossen, Associate Professor of English

After teaching at Ambrose for the last five years, I am consistently struck by how different the education our students receive is from the one I got at a large mainstream university. I certainly had some excellent professors who inspired me and guided me in my learning and career path. But the large class sizes they faced sometimes made it hard for them to give me personalized guidance and training. I was too often left on my own to figure out how to improve my writing, do research and plan for my career. While I was a successful student, I could have done much better if I had worked more closely with my professors.

Making professional development work for classroom teachers

By Dr. Sherry Martens, Associate Dean of Education

Teacher professional learning is an ongoing process. For many classroom teachers, this process is driven by your school’s expectations. Learning in focused opportunities that are connected to student achievement is needed and valuable, but depending on your own curriculum interests or gaps, it may not always meet your needs.

What to do when you hear God’s call

by Matt Wilks, Youth Ministry Lecturer & LYC Director

One of the greatest ways that we can show God that we love Him is by obeying Him.

Have you ever felt God calling you to serve him and be a part of something bigger than yourself?  Has that still small voice started to guide you down a path, inviting you to explore how you are called into ministry?

Discerning what you are called to do can be challenging, but one thing is certain: when God calls you, He gives you the resources to fulfill the call.

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