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Ambrose Tutoring Services

See you in Fall 2020! 

Ambrose Tutoring Services is closed for the spring and summer terms, but don’t worry: we’ll be back in the fall! In the meantime, for academic support, please email

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Need help with a stats assignment? Not sure you've got the idea of the circle of fourths? Puzzled by a reaction in organic chem? Book a one-to-one consultation with one of our tutors. Whether you’re working on an assignment or prepping for an exam, our tutors will help you understand course material better by coaching you through practice problems or explaining tricky concepts. Best of all, consultations are free to Ambrose students! 

When you visit us,  

  • Come prepared to learn actively! To make sure you get the greatest benefit from your consultation, your tutor will work with you, not for you.
  • If you’d like help with a specific task, remember to bring any information your instructor has given you (i.e., the exercise, your class notes, the syllabus).


Ambrose Tutoring Services
phone: 1-403-410-2000 x5904