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Financial Aid

Now that you have made one of the most important decisions in your life - to pursue a post-secondary education, you have undoubtedly discovered that it is a considerable investment.

Education is a powerful investment in you. Your transformative Christian higher education will enable you to make a difference in the world. Your footprint whether as a ministry worker at a church or a working professional in the marketplace will influence our world. You are investing in your future! We want to help you make that investment through scholarships, bursaries or student loans. Did you know, according to the Canadian Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, “Alberta continues to provide among the most generous scholarship funding in Canada, with about 47,500 students expected to share in $83 million”. We are here to help you!

Here is a guide that we have put together for your information:

Financial Assistance Sources

  1. Family Contributions - family and friends may be happy to help you through monetary gifts. Cash received for birthdays and Christmas may be all the assistance you need!
  2. Registered Education Savings Plan - contact the provider for information on claiming those funds. Most pay funds in equal installments over 3 or 4 years.
  3. Available Savings - use savings to reduce or avoid loan payments.
  4. On and Off-Campus Employment.
  5. Part time work available throughout the Calgary area and can assist in covering educational costs.
  6. Ambrose University does provide opportunities for students to work on campus: See Ambrose's job board: Ambrose Opportunities.
  7. Church Contributions - your Church may be willing to support you through a scholarship fund or special offering for your benefit.
  8. Employer Scholarships/Bursaries - your parents' employer may offer scholarships or bursaries to family members.
  9. Student Line of Credit - a loan program run by banks which is usually co-signed by a responsible adult. Funds are available only during the study period (September to April) and function much like a credit card.
  10. External Scholarships and Bursaries
  11. Student Loans:

    Ambrose wants to help you succeed in your undergrad. We offer a number of ways to help make your financial burden lighter.

    Financial Aid

    If you’re registered as a full-time student at Ambrose and you can demonstrate financial need, you might be eligible to receive assistance with your Ambrose tuition and fees---and even with your living expenses. 

    These funds are provided by generous donors who believe in Ambrose and want to make an Ambrose education accessible to students who are in financial need. 

    Fill out a Financial Assistance Application to find out if you qualify for aid.  


    External Resources

    The internet is a good place to search for scholarship funding:





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