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Financial Aid

Now that you have made one of the most important decisions in your life - to pursue a post-secondary education, you have undoubtedly discovered that it is a considerable investment. Education is a powerful investment in you.

Your transformative Christian higher education will enable you to make a difference in the world, whether as a ministry worker at a church or a working professional in the marketplace.

We want to help you make your investment through scholarships, bursaries or student loans. Did you know, according to the Canadian Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, “Alberta continues to provide among the most generous scholarship funding in Canada, with about 47,500 students expected to share in $83 million”.

Ambrose Financial Assistance Coordinator
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Financial Aid office offers you a variety of services that include:

Hannah Temple
Financial Aid Coordinator

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Application for Financial Aid open from January 1 - June 1

If you’re registered as a full-time student at Ambrose and you can demonstrate financial need, you might be eligible to receive assistance with your Ambrose tuition and fees---and even with your living expenses. 

These funds are provided by generous donors who believe in Ambrose and want to make an Ambrose education accessible to students who are in financial need.  


To provide financial assistance to new and current students of Ambrose University who demonstrate financial need in accordance with the criteria established for the Student Financial Assistance Fund.


  1. The student must be currently registered in full-time (9 credits/semester) at Ambrose University for the Fall
  2. An accurate and complete Financial Assistance application will determine eligibility for assistance reflecting reasonable living expenses. Financial Assistance is assessed on current financial situation.
  3. Returning students must not have any outstanding balances on their student account from previous year.​

Eligibility & Process

  1. Submit completed Financial Assistance Application to Financial Aid Coordinator’s office.
  2. The Financial Aid Coordinator will allocate donated funds as indicated by the donor and based on a recipient’s eligibility. Funds will be used to cover any outstanding debt to Ambrose and then may be used for personal needs.
  3. Students receiving assistance will be required to repay funds awarded should they withdraw or be asked to withdraw from Ambrose.
  4. A student’s level of eligibility for assistance may be affected by continuing and/or external scholarships received.

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