Simpson Symposium

Simpson Symposium

This year, 2020, has been all about adapting. Attending workshops and seminars, meeting and connecting with like-minded people, expanding our learning through in-person events, is not possible in the same way. Ambrose chose to re-think how we approach creating conversations and learning experiences; and connecting with the larger community through conferences and conversation. Though organizations across the world have had to pivot, we’ve also been blessed with an opportunity to expand our community through digital event offerings that attendees from all over the world are able to access.

This has been the case with the Alliance and Thought Symposiums which Dr. Jo-Ann Badley, Dean of Theology, has been facilitating this year. The purpose of these symposiums is to open a theological conversation about the relationship between the church and the Fourfold Gospel, and to celebrate the convergence of the 100-year anniversary of the death of A.B. Simpson, and 50-year anniversary of the Ambrose Seminary. Originally, an in-person conference was planned earlier in the year, which was moved to a digital format.

The first symposium was held in June and was a conversation on Dr. Jon Coutts’ paper Channels of Blessing: The Communal Shape of Healing, with responses from Rev. Joshua Koh (Fraser Lands Church) and Dr. Jennifer Singh (Ambrose University). The feedback surrounding this initial symposium was positive so another was planned for October and then again in November.

October’s symposium was a conversation around Rev. Doug Balzer’s new book, The Empowerment Pivot: How God is Redefining Our View of Normal, with response from Dr. Bernie van De Walle (Canadian Mid-West District Superintendent) and Pastor Prince Thomas (Pacific Community Church, Surrey, B.C.). November’s symposium facilitated a conversation around Dr. Daryn Henry’s recent biography, A.B Simpson and the Making of Modern Evangelicalism, with responses from Dr. Franklin Pyles and Jenny-Lyn de Klerk.

Because of the online nature of the symposiums, conversations about the Alliance church have been able to happen and connections with audiences across Canada and even as far as India.

There are two upcoming symposiums planned for the New Year: Quit Pastoring Your Church with Rev. Aaron Gerrard, which is scheduled for January 26 and One Woman’s Path to Ministry in The Alliance by Rev. Alexandra Meek.  Mark your calendars and register online using the above links.

Ambrose plans to continue these valuable conversations through four online symposiums each academic year, as well as having past symposiums available for viewing in an archive.

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