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Without a doubt, the road to Ambrose has been about change and along the way our lives have changed as well.

We have been students in Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Red Deer, and Langley. We have learned in different classrooms, worshipped in different chapels and cheered on different sports teams. We now all share in the road that has led to being alumni of Ambrose University. We share in the legacy and support its integration of faith and learning, the education for personal formation and the equipping of service of women and men who witness in word and deed to the Gospel in the church and society.


                                                                                                                Gordon T. Smith (‘78), President


The lives of our alumni bring honour to Ambrose and we want you to feel as much as part of our community as you did during the days you were students.  

We invite you to join the Alumni Network and begin today to connect and engage with your university. Take time to read through the website, connect with one of the Ambrose alumni social media sites and prayerfully consider the ways you can engage with Ambrose.

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Ambrose Alumni Committee,