Ambassador Program

Student Ambassador Program Information

The enrolment office at Ambrose is looking for enthusiastic, reliable, hard-working Ambrose students to play a key role in various on and off campus events!

The program:

Student ambassadors play an important role in communicating enthusiastically about Ambrose University to prospective students. As an ambassador, you can expect to participate in the following:

  • Help out with on-campus events such as open house, program information evenings, athletic nights, and preview days. Responsibilities could include: assisting in setting up for events, welcoming guests, showing prospective students and their families around Ambrose, and helping out at welcome tables.
  • Host and run youth group nights at local churches. Responsibilities could include: representing Ambrose at the Ambrose booth, running games, and talking about Ambrose to groups.
  • Assist the program with a specific area of responsibility (if applicable – if none of these apply to you, don’t worry! We still need lots of general help). This could include:
    • Worship team: Go to youth group events and play a worship set. Help out with set up and take down of event.
    • Residence host: Host students staying in residence for events.
    • International Student: work with our international applicants – sharing personal experience coming to Ambrose, tips for international students as far as timing, documentation, etc.
    • Blogging: write about your experience here at Ambrose, events taking place on campus, tips for our prospective students, etc.

The Expectation

  • From you to us:
    • Student Ambassadors can expect to spend between 10 to 20 hours per semester assisting with external events (including travel and set up time), helping with internal events, and assisting with specific roles. Incentives are given based upon the amount of hours completed:
      • 10 hours: $50 incentive
      • 15 hours: $100 incentive
      • 20 hours: $200 bursary
  • Attend training events at the beginning of each semester.
  • From us to you:
    • We will provide you with transportation, meals (if the event spans over a mealtime), and cover other travel expenses (gas and hotels, if needed).
    • If you complete 20 hours you will be entitled to a $200.00 honorarium each semester.

The Benefits

  • An honorarium at the end of each semester
  • Free Ambrose apparel to wear to events
  • A guaranteed letter of reference from the enrolment coordinator
  • Develop a wide range of professional skills including leadership, event management, communications, and so on.
  • Network opportunities within the Ambrose community.

Applications open for 2018 / 2019 Ambassador Program

Get Started!

If you want to chat about the program, please contact Kalie Eeles (Assistant Director of Enrolment) at, 403-410-2000, ext. 2954, or visit her in her office behind reception.

If you are interested in applying for the program, please follow this link to apply and Kalie will be in touch:

Apply to Be an Ambassador