Ambrose Arts Dance Minor

Ambrose Dance Minor

Dance as artistic medium is one of the oldest and most natural forms of human expression. People are designed to move!

Here at Ambrose Arts, Dance is celebrated as a foundational artistic discipline that complements programs in Theatre and Music. Students in many other disciplines ranging from Kinesiology, Education, Worship Arts, and others also find the Dance Minor to be a great accompaniment to the work they are doing in their major academic discipline.


Students in the Dance minor work together in small studio classes. They benefit from the care of personalized instruction that caters to their unique body type and interests.  Student growth is laddered throughout the minor, beginning with fundamentals in both modern and ballet techniques that allow all students to participate in an exciting range of dance styles that augment basic skills in the upper levels of the minor.


Dance minors participate in university productions in the Ambrose Arts production season. They attend professional dance performances together, and learn to choreograph their own work and dance the work of professional choreographers. Dancers at Ambrose Arts learn through a holistic approach that combines praxis with theory, emotional life with physicality, spirituality with story and abstract expression. All Ambrose Arts Dance students are asked to consider where personal faith and worldview intersects with the creative work of dancers.

Ambrose Arts Dance Program

  • A concentrated study of physical expression and use of the human body as artistic expression.
  • Taught by highly experienced local industry professionals respected in their field.
  • A building block approach to dance, moving from technique to performance to choreography.
  • The first of its kind at a Christian post-secondary institution in Canada.
  • A great creative and physical fitness option for all majors at Ambrose.
  • Fun!!




3 credits from introductory dance courses:

DA 103 Dance Fundamentals (3 credits)
TH 203 Movement I (3 credits)

9 credits from technique courses:

DA 203 Ballet Technique I (1.5 credits)
DA 204 Ballet Technique II (1.5 credits)
DA 213 Modern Technique I (1.5 credits)
DA 214 Modern Technique II (1.5 credits)
DA 303 Selected Styles (3 Credits)

6 applied performance dance credits from:

DA 322 Introduction to Choreography (3 credits)
DA 423 Variations in Contemporary Choreography (3 credits)
TH 120a and TH 120b Collective Creation I and II (6 credits)

3 credits in faith and dance:
(This requirement optional for BTh students)

IND 288 Art and Faith I (3 credits)
IND 289 Art and Faith II (3 credits)


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