Ambrose Day 2020

Ambrose Day 2020

On August 18, from appropriately spaced chairs, the Ambrose faculty and staff gathered together for Ambrose Day. This annual gathering is held in August and provides an opportunity to hear updates from the Board of Governors and senior leadership, as well celebrate staff and faculty milestones, and gather for a time of prayer.

The event is the formal launch of the new academic year for staff and faculty, and each year President Gordon T Smith brings an address to those gathered. This year, the theme was “Hope in a Time of COVID”. “It was a wonderful opportunity to gather together on campus, from the appropriate distance, to prepare ourselves for the year ahead,” Dr. Smith noted.

This year we also welcomed new staff, faculty and board members.  Additionally, we celebrated staff and faculty service awards as follows:

  • Paul Armbruster (5 years)
  • Monetta Bailey (5 years)
  • Darren Dyck (5 years)
  • Angie Redecopp (5 years)
  • Barrett Hileman (5 years)
  • Dan Yu (10 years)
  • Alan Ho (15 years)
  • Edwin Gnandt (25 years)
  • Colleen Charter (25 years)
  • Carol Petkau (25 years)

Provost Dr. Pam Nordstrom provided an update on the COVID-19 protocols for the campus community this fall. Dr. Nordstrom also shared an update about the mask campaign, reporting that, to date, we have received 3300 masks for students, exceeding our goal. Thank you to all who contributed.

To conclude the morning together, the new Chair of the Board of Governors Debi Mills provided closing remarks and a prayer of blessing for the new academic year.