Ambrose and Mount Royal University Sign MOU

Ambrose and Mount Royal University Sign MOU

Ambrose University and Mount Royal University (MRU) Conservatory have signed an agreement to allow Conservatory students to complete Bachelor of Music degrees at Ambrose University.

MRU’s Conservatory offers an Advanced Performance Program (APP), designed for post-secondary level students, which is a performance-focused non-credit Extension Certificate curricula of study. This program is highly selective and affords participants the opportunity to work intensively in their instrumental performance studies with faculty and guest artists.

Ambrose offers a Bachelor of Music degree where students have access to an excellent array of undergraduate courses in music, fine arts (including dance, theatre and visual art), liberal arts and science, with highly qualified faculty members.

“The partnership between our two institutions represents the mutual effort of the Advanced Performance Program and Ambrose Arts to serve students who will have a strong impact on the cultural footprint of our city and beyond. In the discussions leading to this agreement, it became clear that both institutions have a deeply held mandate to provide excellence in musical training alongside the formative personal development that results in good citizenship and contributes positively to the larger culture around us. It’s an honour for Ambrose Arts to partner with such a respected and established program, and with the discovery of our missional synergies, I’m absolutely thrilled to see what this partnership will produce. It’s an exciting moment in the history of Ambrose Arts.”

·         Barrett Hileman, Chair Ambrose Arts

Under this agreement, MRU Conservatory students will be able to apply for and complete their Bachelor of Music degree beginning in Fall 2020 at Ambrose. Alumni of the MRU Conservatory are able to complete their bachelor’s degree at Ambrose University through the Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition (PLAR). Students currently enrolled in the APP will be given credit for up to the first two years of the degree program at Ambrose.

“We are excited that this collaborative initiative between Mount Royal Conservatory and Ambrose University will allow our students to continue to pursue their musical passion towards a full undergraduate degree in music. This initiative acknowledges the significant training our students receive here at the Conservatory while drawing upon the undergraduate programming available at Ambrose University to advance the academic goals of the student. It is an innovative approach that provides a pathway to post-secondary music education for students drawing upon the strengths of both institutions.”

·         Jean-Louis Bleau, Interim Director, Mount Royal University Conservatory

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