Ambrose University Theatre 2017-18 Season Announced

Ambrose University Theatre is pleased to announce their season of shows for 2017-18.

Ambrose Theatre Productions 2017-18
Nov 30 to Dec 2, 2017
MOTEL Theatre at Arts Commons

First up, we will be producing “Women in Parliament” a bit of a modern take on the ancient story of “Assembly Women” by Aristophanes. It is a play within a play about the women of Athens assuming control of the government and instating pseudo-communist reforms that ban private wealth and enforce sexual equality for the old and unattractive. It’s been adapted by our director, Jeremy Mason and runs November 30th – December 2nd at MOTEL Theatre at Arts Commons.

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Ambrose Theatre Productions 2017-18
Mar 21 to 25, 2017
Engineered Air Theatre at Arts Commons

Next, we are co-producing “As It Is In Heaven” by Arlene Hutton with Fire Exit Theatre. A story of a religious community that is changed when a non-believer has an ecstatic experience and disrupts the harmony in the small Shaker community. It’s directed by Kate Newby and runs March 21st – 25th at the Engineered Air Theatre at Arts Commons.

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Ambrose Theatre Productions 2017-18

Apr 5 to 7, 2017
Ambrose Campus Studio Space

Finally, our 2017-18 co-hort of theatre students will be producing their collective creation called, “What Dreams May Come” under the class supervision of Jackie Dyment. It will be running April 5th – 7th on the Ambrose campus in the Studio Space.

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Tickets for all of these productions are now on sale.

For information on how to reserve or purchase, simply email