Annual Scholars’ Corner Brings New Light to Faculty Research

Annual Scholars’ Corner Brings New Light to Faculty Research

Scholars’ Corner is an annual exposition during which the faculty of Ambrose University gather to showcase and celebrate research and scholarly work. Over the past year alone, 23 faculty members have brought their research to completion, including a selection of published articles, books and peer reviews. Among those faculty members who have completed their research is Dr. Jim Cresswell, who was recently promoted to full professorship in Psychology.

In a Q&A interview during the most recent and virtual instalment of Scholars’ Corner, Dr. Cresswell answered several key questions about his work that shed light on the depth and importance of continuous faculty research. In response to questions posed by Dr. Pam Nordstrom, Provost and Vice President Academic, Dr. Cresswell expanded on the areas in which he experiences both challenge and growth in his work. These include striving to navigate an academic system that demands a somewhat hurried production of large bodies of work, as well as the challenge of communicating his findings to a non-academic audience. 

Dr. Cresswell also enlightened us on his own fallibility, recognizing in hindsight when he would have preferred to spend more time on a published book, or condensed four articles that communicated the same idea into one. If anything, these nostalgic mentions of research projects-past are further proof that research is an ongoing activity and good work is refined with time. 

Beyond his already published works which can be found here, Dr. Cresswell’s intent is to further explore theoretical psychology, community-based collaborations, and interactional and conversational analysis. To that end, one noticeable benefit of COVID in regards to his research is that traditional interview content required for his research is now much more accessible and easier to collect thanks to platforms like Zoom and the information age in which we live.

Aside from the obvious benefits of sharing work among the faculty is the existence of potential shared interests among departments, opening doors to opportunities for faculty members to work together on multifaceted projects. We look forward with great anticipation to see what next year’s instalment of Scholars’ Corner will bring!