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  1. Club Application Form
  2. Sanctioned Club Agreement
  3. Uploaded Club Constitution

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Ambrose University
Sanctioned Club Agreement Form


understands that to form and remain a club that is sanctioned by Ambrose University, the club will: 

  1. Operate the club in a manner that will not contradict Ambrose community standards or the institutional policies. They must also abide by their own constitution, by­laws and the Club procedures.
  2. Be responsible for the maintenance and security of any e­mail, keys, space or information assigned to them as a club 
  3. Be bound by the rulings of Ambrose University

also understand and acknowledges that Ambrose University and the club committee have the right to immediately suspend and/or completely revoke any club privileges, resources or titles. Ambrose University will assume ownership of any club resources owned by Ambrose University, should a club cease to exist. Examples of such that would constitute immediate review are; breach of the club constitution, institutional policies, financial mismanagement or abuse of any privileges, resources or titles, etc.

We as the Club representation and leaders acknowledge that we have read the constitution, Ambrose Student Standards and Handbook, the sanctioned Club agreement, as well are aware of Ambrose University policies and agree to adhere and respect all terms and conditions imposed by these documents.

Attach your Club Constitution

To complete your application to start a club, please attach your club constitution as outlined on the Creating your Club Constitution page.

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.