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Ambrose Athletes Paperwork

Hello Athletes!

Welcome to the Ambrose Athletics online instructions for how to complete your eligibility/waiver/medical forms and drug education seminar.

The following two PDF's are instructions for you to follow:

  1. Form for athletes under the age of 18 **requires a Parent/Guardian signature 
  2. Form for athletes over 18 

Please be thorough in filling in your information as we plan to use this program for years, and the more accurate and complete you are now, the less you have to do down the road. 

These instructions will walk you through as you fill out:

  • Medical quesionnaire  ** Your accuracy will help our Athletic Therapy Staff and Coaches help you to preform at your highest level.
  • Multiple waivers
  • Drug education information

If you have problems with the software Privit, please contact the Privit Support Desk

Privit Support Desk 
Mon - Fri  8:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET  

You can also talk to Paul Armbruster in Athletics if you have questions about the content to fill in: or 403-410-2000 ext 2982