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Lions Athletics Philosophy and Mission

Philosophy:  Students at Ambrose University play under the athletic name of Lions.  A lion represents more than a name, but rather an identity that clearly defines who we are. 

A lion is a strong and confidant animal that is feared and respected.  Like the animal, Lions Athletics will be built upon the principles of strength, confidence, and striving for excellence.  Lions athletes will be challenged to be their best and reach their potential. 

A lion has strong family ties, living in community with other lions in a group called a pride.  Likewise, the Ambrose Lions are a pride, both past and present.  Each athlete should embrace this reality and recognize that they are part of a pride of Lions both past and present. We are proud of our past and celebrate our future.  We also desire to foster an environment of deep and meaningful relational connection in which the Lions teams become a second family for student-athletes, a “home away from home.”  We are Proud of the Pride. 

A lion is also a very commonly used symbol in scripture.  In fact, Jesus is referred to as the Lion of Judah.  Lions Athletes and Athletics personnel will strive to be Christ-like in word and deed.  We want to have an environment where all are encouraged and drawn to becoming closer disciples of Christ. A Lion athlete will be challenged to grow spiritually and holistically through athletic competition and all of their involvements at Ambrose University.  

The athletic program exists to provide student athletes with a positive atmosphere to develop their God-given talents and abilities.  The following are specific objectives of the Ambrose Lions Athletic Program:

  1. To promote a God-honoring, God-loving, and Christ-following environment where all are drawn to become more devoted followers of Christ.
  2. To provide an opportunity for highly skilled men and women to compete in a variety of sport competitions at an advanced level and to consistently pursue greater levels of excellence.
  3. To intentionally emphasize leadership development through involvement in sport.
  4. To provide an opportunity for student-athletes to become self-aware of their gifts and abilities—athletic, academic, and otherwise—and to learn how to excel to their highest potential in these abilities.
  5. To promote unity and authentic fellowship between various teams, students, faculty, alumni, and friends of the Ambrose and broader sport community.

Athletics Mission Statement: Pursuing Excellence, Building Family, Becoming Disciples.