5 Financial Tips for Ambrose Grads

Graduating? Congrats! Here are my top 5 tips for Ambrose grads.

  1. Do you have a Student Loan? Make sure you know what repayment looks like. Watch this webinar anytime.
  2. If you are continuing on to graduate school, check out their website for funding and connect with their financial aid & awards office. Knowledge First Financial Graduate Scholarship Awards is one you could check out.
  3. Do you need career advice or help with your Linked in profile or resume? Book an appointment to see Joy Ulrich, Director of Career Development in Student Development
  4. Do you have a spending plan of action? You may be looking for work or already have something lined up. Be on top of your finances by setting a plan. Credit Counselling Society has a great budget calculator.
  5. Do you want Money coaching? Financial Aid & Awards Office offers that and is open during the summer too. Set an appointment.

Financial Aid & Awards Office