5 Tips for Financial Freedom

It can often be confusing and stressful trying to navigate the world of student finances. Thankfully, the Financial Aid and Awards office is here to clear up the confusion. Here are the top five tips for financial freedom in university.

1. You may be missing out on FREE money

As a student, you are able to access grants. Grants are non-repayable loans which are essentially free money from the Canadian government. A few grants you could be eligible for include:

2. You may be missing out on specific awards

In 2017, Ambrose gave one of it's largest financial awards to a student because they were a rodeo barrel racer. Each scholarship and award that Ambrose offers has unique criteria specified by the donor. You never know how your life experiences or interests might match with an award or scholarship. Check out the list of available scholarships to find your fit today.

3. If you are an Albertan, you are eligible for Alberta Student Aid Awards

Alberta has one of the most generous scholarship funding programs in Canada. Last year $96 million was budgeted for student aid and awards for Albertans. My job, as the Financial Aid & Awards Coordinator, is to help access those funds for you!

4. You may have more money than you realize

Did you know that the Financial Aid and Awards office has one-on-one money coaching as well as great money tools to use? Take charge of your finances instead of letting your finances control you. Having a financial plan gives you the freedom to have your finances to work for you.

5. You will be more at peace

Once you have an overview of all of the incredible grants and awards you qualify for, and you’ve been proactive with your finances, you can relax. You are learning to work smarter, not harder. When you meet with me, together we will create an action plan that details your next steps towards financial freedom. It’s that easy!