The Books of Internship, My Reading List

The Books of Internship, My Reading List

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Internships are known for their ability to give students much needed ‘hands-on’ experience in their chosen craft. But my internship also gets me ‘hands on’ with some good books! I’m required to do some reading while I’m here, and my mentor and I came up with a list of some books that we felt would be beneficial for me and my goals in ministry. I’ve been really enjoying working through the list, so I thought I would share some titles that I think you would enjoy too!

“Here We Stand” - Wes Tracy & Stan Ingersol

This is a bit of a bonus book. It’s not on my internship list, but I read it for a class while on internship. Basically the same thing right? Either way, I recommend this book to anyone wanting to better understand the Church of the Nazarene and its place in the Christian ‘family tree’. It’s easy to follow and clearly compares and contrasts the Church of the Nazarene to other traditions and denominations. There are even discussion questions at the end of each chapter to help you further your understanding.

“Is That Really You, God?” - Loren Cunningham

This book was officially on my list, and I’m so glad I had a chance to read it. Loren Cunningham walks you through the journey of the birth and growth of “Youth With A Mission”. His story is an excellent example of the adventures and challenges that come with trusting in God. It encouraged me to dream big dreams and follow God’s leading no matter how crazy those dreams might seem. I would encourage anyone with a passion for ministry to add this to their reading list. 

“Introverts in the Church” - Adam S. McHugh

I received this book as a Christmas gift and asked if it could be put on my reading list. As a strong introvert myself, I was very curious to see what McHugh had to say about introverts in church leadership roles. I was not disappointed! This book made me feel understood and appreciated in a way I’ve never felt before. McHugh so beautifully describes the introverted experience in the church by showing not just the challenges, but the benefits as well. He helped me to see my introversion as a strength and a gift. Everyone, introvert and extrovert, should read this book to learn about how our personalities benefit and balance one another.

“Paul and Gender” - Cynthia Long Westfall

If any book on my list is deserving of a standing ovation, it’s this one. Westfall, a professor from McMaster Divinity College here in Hamilton, gives a thorough and detailed explanation of those challenging passages in Paul’s letters that seem to restrict the role of women in ministry and the home. Her knowledge of the culture and context shines a whole new light on these passages and shows Paul to be anything but anti-feminist. I’m continually shocked at how much meaning is hidden behind a plain reading of the text. Every Christian woman, especially those in church leadership, should be encouraged and empowered by this book. Men could learn a thing or two about their role in the church and home as well.

Be Do Go Series - Lisa Aparicio (editor)

This series is the next item on my ‘To Read’ list! Since some of my internship goals pertain to youth ministry, these seemed like a perfect resource to include. Created by Nazarene Youth International, these books explore their three core values in youth ministry: evangelism (be), discipleship (do), and leadership development (go). Every chapter is written by a different youth leader from one of six world regions, which creates a global conversation about youth ministry and engaging young people in the Church. I’m looking forward to listening in on this conversation and hope you will too! Also available in French, Spanish, and Portuguese

That’s the end of my list for now! I hope you pick up a book or two and enjoy them as much as I have. Happy reading! 

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