On-Campus Clubs

Don’t see the club you’re looking for? Chances are, other students are looking for it, too! Why not start it yourself and become part of Ambrose history?


Active Club Contact Information

AMbrosia: Ambrose University literary review

Contact Person: Dorothy Bentley, dbentley@my.ambrose.edu
Ambrose Sponsor: Rita Dirks, rdirks@ambrose.edu

Baking Club

Contact Person: Mark Petersen, mpetersen@my.ambrose.edu
Ambrose Sponsor: Andrea Hensen, Andrea.Hensen@ambrose.edu

Biomedical CLub

Contact Person: Laura Stachow, lstachow@my.ambrose.edu
Ambrose Sponsor: Liza Abraham, labraham@ambrose.edu

Business Society

Contact Person: Shaynah Godlien, sgodlien@my.ambrose.edu
Ambrose Sponsor: Angie Redecopp, aredecopp@ambrose.edu

CAB (Campus Activities Board - Student Council)

Contact Person: Kristina Cairns, asccommunitylife@ambrose.edu or Isabelle Lorenz, ilorenz@my.ambrose.edu
Ambrose Sponsor: Monique Verhoef, monique.verhoef@ambrose.edu

CMB Journal Club (Cellular/molecular biology)

Contact Person: Issac Steffan, isteffan@my.ambrose.edu or Ryan Nunweiler, rnunweiler@my.ambrose.edu
Ambrose Sponsor: Chris Wang, chris.wang@ambrose.edu

Figure SKating Club

Contact Person: Rebecca Harvey, rharvey@my.ambrose.edu
Ambrose Sponsor: Liza Abraham, labraham@ambrose.edu

Hockey Club

Contact Person: Tyson Warkentin, twarkentin2@my.ambrose.edu 
Ambrose Sponsor: Gabriel Brandt, gabriel.brandt@ambrose.edu

League of aspiring biologists (LAB)

Contact Person: 
Ambrose Sponsor: Ted Pike, ted.pike@ambrose.edu

Lions Dance crew

Contact Person: Jacinta Suma, jsuma@my.ambrose.edu
Ambrose Sponsor: Laurie Ashlin-Mayo, laurie.ashlin-mayo@ambrose.edu

Outdoors Club

Contact Person: Katrina Friesen, kafriesen@my.ambrose.edu or Nader Soliman, nsoliman@my.ambrose.edu
Ambrose Sponsor: TBD

R.A.N.T (really amazing, not talented): a writer's club

Contact Person: Rayne-Joy Dack, rdack@my.ambrose.edu
Abmrose Sponsor: Beth Gripping, egripping@ambrose.edu


Contact Person: Kara Friesen, kfriesen2@my.ambrose.edu or Rafael Tejeda Ramirez, rtejedaramirez@my.ambrose.edu
Ambrose Sponsor: Terry Fach, tfach@ambrose.edu

Running club

Contact Person: Brandon Lysholm, blysholm@my.ambrose.edu
Ambrose Sponsor: Gabriel Brandt, gabriel.brandt@ambrose.edu


Contact Person: Stephen Jensen, sjensen@my.ambrose.edu
Ambrose Sponsor: Albert Elliott, albert.elliott@ambrose.edu 

Students for liberty ambrose

Contact Person: Aidan Mackenzie, amackenzie@my.ambrose.edu
Ambrose Sponsor: Ken Nickel, knickel@my.ambrose.edu