Dining Options

Our cafeteria provides great food for everyone on campus. There's a wide variety to suit your needs and tastes: seasonal specials and classic entrees prepared fresh to order, soups and salads, coffee and tea, and an array of packaged snacks and soft drinks. 


Food at Ambrose
If you’re living in residence, you need to purchase a meal plan so you can eat in the Ambrose cafeteria. If you’re a commuter student, you’re welcome to purchase a meal plan, to load your student card for cafeteria purchases, or to pay for individual purchases in the cafeteria.

The meal plan works on a declining balance system, which means you’ll only pay for the food you purchase. There’s no tax on the residence meal plan or on meal plan purchases.

Flex Dollars

For a little added variety, flex dollars let you use your student card to buy food and drinks somewhere other than the cafeteria. You can use flex dollars at various locations including Dominos Pizza and Waves Coffee Shop, which are located just outside the Ambrose campus.

Meal Plan Options

You can choose one of these three meal plans:

  • Option A: $2,000 includes $100 towards flex dollars (that's enough for $18/day, 7 days/week, 15 weeks/semester)
  • Option B: $1,525 includes $100 towards flex dollars (that's enough for $19/day, 5 days/week, 15 weeks/semester)
  • Option C (winter only): $1,275 no flex dollars (that's enough for $17/day, 5 days/week, 15 weeks/semester)

*Rates are subject to change

If you don’t spend the entire amount of your meal plan during the Fall semester, the unused amount can remain in your account for the Winter semester or refunded with an email request.