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Ambrose Student Ambassador Thando

My Experience as a Student Ambassador

Thando Mkhabela

As Ambassadors, we write these blogs about things that we think you might need to know about Ambrose and university in general, including advice from our own experiences. However, I’m also sure you’ve been curious about what it means to be an Ambrose Ambassador. Well, sit back and let me tell you a little about it.

Ambrose Student Ambassador Jacinta

How I Survived in Residence

Jacinta Suma

In my past four years at Ambrose, I have lived in residence and off-campus. Both of these experiences have helped shaped who I am as an individual and who I am as an Ambrose student. As an Ambrose Ambassador, I would like to give you a few tips on how to live in residence without losing your mind!

Mo Hickman Ambrose Student Ambassador

4 Ways Arts and Athletics are Alike

Mo Hickman

A brilliant piece of artwork has the ability to express those things that cannot be expressed in simple words. Every piece of art tells a story, and when that story connects with your story, it is breathtaking and life-changing.

Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But this is a blog about art after all.

MacKenzie Ambrose Student Ambassador

The Top 5 Study Spaces in Calgary

McKenzie Baker

Hey guys! It’s that time again, assignments are starting to pile up, and you need to know where to study and fast. Well, you have nothing to worry about, we took the liberty of asking Ambrose’s lovely group of Residence Assistants (RA’s) where they like to study and why. So, if you need to know where to study, just keep on reading for our RA top five study spaces in Calgary!

Kaitlin Ambrose Student Ambassador

5 Ways to Focus After Winter Break

Kaitlin Henczel

Coming back after winter break can leave you struggling to get back into a routine. It can leave you with a lack of motivation and unable to get back into the full swing of the semester. Here are five ways to help you get back on track and succeed this semester.

Make a schedule and plan ahead

MacKenzie Ambrose Student Ambassador

3 Tips for Living with a Roommate

McKenzie Baker

Are you thinking about living in residence? Worried about who you will end up living with? There is no reason to worry, we have got you covered! Living with anybody can be hard. It can take time and dedication to finally get to know the person and to know what makes them tick but once you do, I promise it will be rewarding! Here are my top four tips for living with a roommate!