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Student Success

At Ambrose, we’re committed to doing everything we can to make sure you develop as a student and in every aspect of your life.

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Supporting Your Journey as a Student at Ambrose

New Student Orientation

Connect, get some tips for navigating university life, meet new friends and set yourself up for a great first year.

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Accessibility & Support Services

The Accessibility & Support Services office is here to help you achieve academic success. If you have a documented disability, we can give help and set up academic accommodations to help you realize your full potential in your studies. We can also provide support if you’re on Academic Probation.

To learn more about how we can help you with your learning needs, stop by to visit us in the Student Development office. 

Contact Us

Phone: 403-410-2000 ext. 2956    


Location: Student Development office, on the second floor of the Academic Building

Office hours

Monday - Friday

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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Career Services


If you're a current Ambrose student or one of our alumni, you can take advantage of free life and career coaching. To book an appointment for a one-on-one coaching session, visit the Student Development office or contact the Director of Career Development.

Contact Information

Office 2009 in the Student Development office


Phone: 403-410-2908

Office Hours

Monday – Thursday

8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Career Services

Career Resources & Links

International Student Services

At Ambrose, we want to help our international students to be successful in their studies as well as in their everyday lives in Canada. We’re here to help you adjust to the Ambrose community and Canadian society so that you can thrive.

We provide support for practical things, like helping you acquire health care, renew your visa, and figure out your employment options.

We also realize that students whose first language is not English might have additional needs. International Student Services works with the faculty, Academic Deans, Student Development, and outside agencies to help in the best way possible. We will also partner with Accessibility & Support Services to help you with any academic needs you might have.

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Tutoring Services

Need help with a stats assignment? Puzzled by a reaction in O. Chem? Not sure you’ve quite got Hegel’s view of metaphysics figured out? Sign up for free help through Ambrose’s tutoring services.

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Ambrose Writing Centre

Think. Talk. Write.

The Ambrose Writing Centre is here to help you become a better writer. It’s a place where you can talk about your ideas, get advice and feedback on your work, and learn more about how to write for a variety of academic disciplines.

Drop by for a one-on-one consultation or a group workshop for help developing your writing skills, from using an apostrophe to writing a thesis or research strategies to tips for English as a second language students.

All Ambrose students are welcome to benefit from the services of the Ambrose Writing Centre. For inquiries, contact

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Health & Safety

Counselling Services

At Ambrose, we believe that caring about your health and safety includes looking out for your mental and emotional health. That's why as an Ambrose student you can access confidential, personal, pastoral and vocational counselling at a low cost.

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