Canadian Poverty Institute Receives Two Grants

Canadian Poverty Institute Receives Two Grants

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Poverty continues to be an important issue of public discussion in Canada. In an effort to promote social justice and aid, Churches used to be the primary social institutions that involved a holistic approach. They undoubtedly supported the social good, but things are changing. A gradual secularization of social services has meant that the role of churches has been progressively assumed by government. Through their research the Canadian Poverty Institute (CPI) intends to provide a map of the role churches have played and what the future can look like for churches to promote social justice through redressing poverty in Canada.

The CPI is an inter-disciplinary institute housed within Ambrose University that seeks to heal poverty through teaching, research and public education. The Canadian Council of Churches has provided $8,700 and the Shantz Mennonite Church Bequest Earnings Disbursement Fund has provided $12,250 to support the CPI’s research.

“This is valuable work because it shows how universities can partner with the community. These kinds of partnerships are examples of the kind of work that makes a difference and can help people who need it the most,”  says Jim Cresswell, CPI Fellow and Principle Researcher. Our research also allows us to engage researchers, students, churches and non-profit organizations to learn about and seek solutions to heal poverty in its material, social and spiritual forms.

The entire project will meaningfully involve active participation of stakeholders and those whose lives are affected by injustices entailed in poverty.  It will involve those dealing with poverty in the research process in such a way that is mutually beneficial and can contribute to social justice in Canadian communities. The kinds of mechanisms that ensure a community-based approach include the creation of an Advisory Panel that includes persons struggling with poverty, interdenominational church leaders, and leaders of para-church organizations.

Congratulations to the CPI on securing the two grants.

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