Career Resources and Links

These resources are available to students and alumni seeking vocational guidance or employment. If you have any favorites that are not listed, please send us an email to Please note that these links are not part of Ambrose and consequently are not endorsed by the school, nor are all content nor positions posted approved by the school. These links are available for you to refer to as you seek new employment or vocational information.

Career Information

One Step at a Time

The University of Waterloo has documented six steps to help you manage your career development process. Visit this site to begin the process.

Career Cruising

To learn more about different career opportunities available as well as post-graduate programs,

visit Career Cruising.

Please email for a Username and Password.

Good online resources for prospective students and parents:

Good online resources for adults returning to school:

Know Thyself!


Do you know how you are wired – what makes you unique? There are many different types of self–assessments that can help you understand more about your personality style, temperament, preferences, interests, etc. Below there is a list of websites you can visit to help you begin to learn more about yourself: But, before you try any of them, it would be good to read Richard Bolles online article entitled "The Seven Rules About Taking Career Tests".

When doing any type of assessment for career or vocational planning, a good rule of thumb would be to take a minimum of 3 different types of assessments, and to look for trends or anomalies and ask the question – why? Keep an eye out for what seems to be repeating itself through these assessments. Sometimes as you begin to be more intentional about analyzing your attributes or personality type you become more aware of your own preferences and tendencies. So, keep a journal, or print out your responses to compare against other assessments. If you need help keeping track of your results, drop by the Career Development Centre to pick up a Personal Profile to keep records of your findings. Stay awhile and bounce your ideas off of a Certified Career Development Professional(CCDP) at the Career Development Centre.

General Personality Assessments


What? Study My Favorite Subject? Find Out What You Can Do With A Degree In …

So you love a certain subject! Have you though about what might happen if you take a degree in that area? Visit the following sites to learn more about the kinds of careers can you pursue if you study an area you love. Make a short list of careers to research in more detail!

Go Deeper! Explore Occupational Profiles

Now you should have a short list of careers which might interest you or maybe you are still unsure of an area to specialize in. Check out the following sites and research in more details about the different types of occupations. Be sure to compare interests, skills and talents on the profiles to your own list to see how close of a fit it might be!

Fields To Research

Learn More About What’s Happening In Different Fields

Labour Market Research

What’s The Job Market Really Like Out There?

So now you have your dream job in mind. What does the market tell us about the availability of these kinds of job? Research the labour market in different cities to find out what that information may tell you as you begin a job search strategy.

Career Paths By Degree

Interested in how your degree relates to career paths?

Do you know where to look to learn more about fields you are interested in pursuing? Below is a list of websites you can visit to learn more about these field(s):

Behavioural Sciences/Psychology

Business Administration


General Studies






Volunteer Opportunities

Summer and Part-Time Opportunities

There are some private, provincial and federal government programs which employers can access to help pay for summer employment for post-secondary students. Why not write a proposal and market your idea to some employers? Apply early!

Part Time Career and Employment Sites

Summer Opportunities

Service Canada Centre for Youth (Summer Months) - Calgary and Area Offices
Room 217-510 12th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2R 0X5
Tel.: 403 292-4001
Fax: 403 292-4647
Office Hours: 8:30-16:30
Dates open: May to August


The Internet and Job Search

Post Grad Opportunities (Paid)

Do you know where to look to learn more about internships or new graduate opportunities in Calgary or abroad?

Canadian Post Graduation Internships

There are literally thousands of International opportunities overseas some are paid and some are volunteer. To help you get started in your search visit these sites:

  • Career Edge
  • Career Focus 
    This program is designed to help post-secondary grads with career-related experience in Canada and Internationally.
  • Post-Secondary Recruitment Program
    The Federal Government runs an excellent Employment Program for new graduates. The Federal Government is one ofCanada’s largest employers! If you are looking for employment after graduation with the Federal Government apply early!
  • Internship Program: Youth Employment Strategy, through the Government of Canada to help Canadian youth get work experience offers Internship Programs with Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

International Information and Post Graduation Internships

There are more and more paid internships available for recent graduates and during summer months. If you are still unsure or lack relevant experience for your career, check out the internships that are available in Canada and overseas to kick start your career!

Job Search and Employment

Social and Community Service Agencies

Educational Websites

Chaplaincy Websites

Christian Employment Sites

Denominational WEB and Job Sites:

Canadian Newspapers

International Job Sites (all fields)

International Schools and Education

Teaching English as a Second Language

Interested in working overseas as an English Teacher? Make sure before you accept a job that you know about the regulations and labour laws in the destination country:

International NGO’s and Agencies (The Worldwide Christian Marketplace)

International Travel Resources

Looking for a graduate school?

Graduate Guides/Information for Graduate Programs in Canadian Graduate Schools:

Graduate Schools





Graduate Exams