Christian High School Scholarship

Amount: $3,000.00/year

Each year Ambrose invites Guidance Counsellors from Christian High Schools (ACSI or CSI members) to nominate their top TWO graduating students that demonstrate:

  • Academic Excellence;
  • Christian Character; and
  • Leadership Excellence

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Student Eligibility:

  1. Minimum of 80% based on Ambrose admission requirements. Eligibility is assessed on a combination of Grade 12 and Grade 11 admission requirements.
  2. Currently in Grade 12
  3. Nominated by your High School

 Scholarship Criteria:

  1. Enroled in 12 credit hours in each Fall and Winter semester
  2. Maintain a 3.0 cgpa
  3. Live in Ambrose Residence for the first two years (unless you are married, over the age of 21 or living with parents/guardians in the Calgary area)
  4. In good standing within the Ambrose community related to responsibilities of membership
  5. Scholarship applies to a maximum of 8 consecutive semesters or one degree

Students who receive the Christian High School scholarship will not be eligible for the Church Servant Leadership or Presidential scholarship.


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