Christian Leadership in a New Cultural Landscape

Social media and digital technology are radically altering the terrain of culture. As leaders entrusted with the Good News of Jesus, how do we respond to the changing terrain? What does ministry and leadership look like in this new cultural landscape? As a pastor and early adopter of social media, I have long been fascinated with the impact that social media is having on culture, and I'm particularly interested in what this cultural change means for the church. 

The pervasiveness of social media and its impact on ministry poses many interesting and provocative questions. Here are a few I've been considering as I prepare to teach Effective Ministry in a Social Media World at Ambrose this May:

  • How does the church connect with a culture that wants to create the content it consumes?  
  • How does the church connect with people who view relationships fundamentally different than they used to?  
  • How has social media and access to information altered our view of authority and how does that impact the church and pastoral ministry?  
  • What does pastoral care look like in an age where people live a significant portion of their lives online?
  • How can the church effectively communicate the gospel in a post-propositional culture?  
  • What does preaching, governance, pastoral care, evangelism, discipleship, mission, etc. need to look like in a new social media world?

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Join me, May 15-19th at Ambrose Seminary, as we learn about the impact social media is having on culture and explore how believers can use this new means of communication to bring the never-changing Gospel to our ever-changing world. My prayer is that you'll be equipped and encouraged to engage this exciting challenge with great hope and possibility.

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