Collections and Connections: Two Passions Equal a Double Major

Collections and Connections: Two Passions Equal a Double Major

Woman reading a book.


I’m entering my third year of English Literature here at Ambrose and there are many reasons for why I have just loved being a part of that program! Reading and writing essays is one of my peculiar passions and the English Program has helped me expand my capabilities and has only continued to help me become a better writer. This program has helped me think in different perspectives, use critical thinking skills and opened me up not only to the past, but also the future.

They have many classes that revolve around literary theory that allows for the student to read a text and scan it under a certain lens and then look at the same text under another lens. This is a skill that I have been able to use, not only in other classes, but out in the real world. Looking at politics, people opinions and world events under different perspectives, lenses and catching onto symbolism that is deeply rooted in society.

Every single English course requires you to use your critical thinking skills to tease out interesting things in texts without stretching yourself to thin on a loose concept. Although, many people will sit there and tell you that having and English degree will only ever get you a jib a barista, in reality, and English degree will only help you broaden your mind, allow you to explore the world and help you make better decisions in life while using the critical thinking skills that you have picked up.

I also mentioned that English has not only opened up the past to me, but the future as well. Reading, scanning and writing essays and other pieces of literature allow you take a look into the past and see not only what life was like but you can parallels into what life is like today and can help you project those parallels onto the future. This allows one to see the things that have changed for the better, the worse and the things that can continue to change in future. As society continues to change literature remains the same, a reflection of the current society expressing the perspective of the author, whether it be country poems (the Romantics), political essays (George Orwell), science fiction (Mary Shelley) or short stories about wives (Kate Chopin).

I have thoroughly enjoyed the English program, not only because I love the materials we cover, but I love learning every day and only ever working harder to become a better Christian, thinker, writer and person.


One of the important things here at Ambrose about the Business program is that we make a point to turn out individuals who are going to walk into the Business world with their goals set not on the portfolio in front of them but on corporate social responsibility. The professors make the center of the course about how can we as business professionals make the world a better place.

On top of keeping our priorities on God and making the world a better place for his Kingdom, the business program helps students learn valuable skills that will prove useful to them not only in class but also in life. From writing to mathematics to presenting, the Business program has prepared me for most things that are thrown at me in my everyday life. One summer I worked as a door-to-door sales person and there was no way that I would have been successful had it not been for the skills I learned in my classes as to how to present myself and the company confidently.

An amazing asset we have in the Business program is Randy Poon, the chair of our program. He really cares for his students and not only does he help us with planning our courses or with questions about assignments, but he helps us connect with other business and create connections for ourselves. I would say that 75% of getting hired has to do with who you know and who you are connected with. All but one of the jobs I have ever had relied purely on people knowing who I was as a person and a worker. I have only ever actually applied to one jib in my life, a cashier at Safeway. I have worked in a health food store, as an admin assistant at a real estate office, a door-to-door sales person, in the enrolment offices here at Ambrose doing some admin work and now as the Enrolment Coordinator. The business program and Randy help prepare you for making connections and getting your name and yourself out in the real world!

Among the connections and the skills you learn in the program, something else that I have enjoyed is also learning about other countries and their economies. I know, that sounds super boring, but in one of my classes we had to read some books on the economies of rich countries and poor countries and discover what has been done differently. Two hundred years ago, all countries were practically at the same economic level, and now there is a drastic difference. It is incredible learning about how economies work and does prepare you for the realities of the world.

I have loved my journey in the Business program and I am excited for what the next two years hold for me spiritually and academically.