Congratulations to our 2020 Business Grads!

Congratulations to our 2020 Business Grads!

Congratulations to our 2020 Business Grads!

This past year has been an interesting one to say the least. Our 2020 graduates, like most across the country, had to finish their semesters and walk the stage virtually. Although this was unprecedented and our institution had to hop through a few technological loops and set up every professor, every staff member and every student to do their respective work from home, we had a successful end to the semester.

We are so incredibly proud of each of our graduates and we are so excited to see where they go and where they lead in the business world. We have spent the past four or five years with each student and know that they are entering the business world with a well-rounded education and a wealth of hands-on experiences. From philosophy to statistics, our students have a broad and deep understanding of the laws, finances, communications skills, and other responsibilities that line the fundamentals of business.

We had graduates this year majoring in Accounting, Marketing, Data Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources and Management. Introducing our much applauded 2020 graduates: Anthony Marfo, Megan Madsen, Adrian Stranberg, Daniel Friesen, Mark Fountain, Stephen Jensen, Jeff Tunke, Hee Mann Shin, Jared Poon, Shaelyn Mendes, Rylan Banash, Taylor Fensury, Benjamin van Spronsen, and Joshua Daniels.


Checking in with the Class of 2019

Some of our recent alumni have had incredible beginnings in their first year in the corporate world. We checked in with a few that we featured a year ago. Look at where they are now!

Graham Nelson

After graduating from Ambrose's business program, Graham joined Suncor's Internal Audit team, where he has been honing his interviewing and critical thinking skills.

Over the past year Graham has had a number of opportunities to help promote and apply data analytics throughout the organization. In July, he will be moving to Suncor's Finance and Planning team, where he will continue to gain experience towards earning his CPA designation.


Alexandria Randell 

Alexandria was the 2019 Undergraduate class valedictorian and heavily involved as the VP of Finance on the Ambrose Student Council and as an academic tutor. Since graduating, she has been working as a full time accountant at MNP LLP  in Calgary.

While she works at MNP LLP Calgary, she too is working towards her CPA designation.


Nicholas Newnes

After serving a two year term as the President of the Ambrose Student Council and graduating cum laude, Nicholas continues to build up his career in marketing and innovation.

In February, Nicholas began working as the client excellence team assistant with Calgary Economic Development. He first came into contact with CED through Ambrose’s Soul of the Next Economy Forum. He also continues his work as a marketing coordinator at Kingsmith Builders. He is excited for these opportunities and for his professional future.


You can find many of our grads through Ambrose Business linkedin, or find their linkedin pages. You can post jobs for all Ambrose students at Also feel free to email or a business faculty member if you have a specific opportunity for an Ambrose business student or alumni. We would be happy to connect you!