Connect Mentee Application

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We require you to meet with your mentor a minimum of 1 hour every week for the first 4 weeks of school and every two weeks (schedule to be determined by mentor and mentee) for the duration of the academic year.


The Connect Mentor Program provides for each student caring mentors and student support services.

In addition, these are the responsibilities and expectations of the student Mentees:

  1. To maintain contact with the mentor.
  2. To be prompt and keep scheduled appointments with the Mentor.
  3. To contact the Connect Mentorship Coordinator if there are any significant concerns with the mentor (continuous discomfort, discrimination, or disagreements that cannot be resolved in discussion
  4. To attend meetings and activities scheduled by the Connect Mentor Program that will happen twice in a semester.
  5. I understand that I may request to be assigned a different mentor if my current mentor and I cannot work effectively together.
  6. To participate in feedbacks/evaluations requested by the Connect Mentorship Coordinator.                    
  7. If a mentee participates in the research portion of the mentorship program the mentee is expected to meet all obligations of that programs. For more information about the research program, click here.

I have read the above agreement and understand my obligations as a mentee.