Connect Mentorship Application

We require all mentors to meet with their mentees a minimum of 1 hour every two weeks (schedule to be determined by mentor and mentee) for the duration of the academic year. We also require the mentors to attend debriefing meetings once a month unless otherwise specified.


I genuinely want to help my mentee succeed at Ambrose University, so I will agree to do the following:

  1. I will meet with my mentee once a week or on a regular basis throughout the semester.
  2. I will attend monthly meetings scheduled in the Connect Mentor Program.
  3. I understand that I may request to be assigned to a different mentee if my present mentee and I cannot work effectively together.
  4. I understand and will follow all boundaries and personal conduct, including location of meetings.
  5. I will contact the Connect Mentorship Coordinator if there are any continuous discomfort or challenges with the mentee.
  6. I understand that I will need to integrate some degree of self-care in my life.
  7. I understand that the contents of the meetings with the mentee are confidential unless there is threat of harm to self or others..
  8. I agree that I will not discriminate based on any aspect of an individual’s identity and will support my mentee in all aspects of their identity development. 
  9. I will be familiar and understand all the resources provided at Ambrose and within the community to refer to the mentee if needed. These will be provided to the mentor.