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History Style Guide

First and foremost, here is our current History Program Style Guide, where you'll find instructions on the proper format for papers, citations, and bibliographies, as well as links to web sites to help you research and write history papers, and the all important standards that your history professors will use to evaluate your written work.

If you're really keen, there's a great guide to all aspects of studying and writing history. It was put together by Patrick Rael of Bowdoin College, and is available here.

What Can I Do with a History Degree?

Do you ever ask yourself that question? Or worse yet, have a family member ask you that question? Sometimes people have a hard time imagining what to do with a history degree. Fortunately, we're here to help. We've compiled some links to sites explaining the transferable skills and career options for history students:

Professor Catherine Lavender of the Department of History at The College of Staten Island of The City University of New York (whew!) has created a comprehensive overview of history careers. Click here to see it!

The Canadian Historical Association has a page devoted to describing historical careers. Similarly, the American Historical Association has an information page on historical careers here.

Online Education clearing-house WorldWideLearn has also posted an extensive list of potential careers for history graduates and transferable skills produced by studying history (Click here ).

Closer to home, the University of Manitoba (click here ) and University of Saskatchewan (click here ) have produced information sheets on historical skills and careers.

For a more in-depth view, have a look at Nicholas Evan Sarantakes' blog exploring different professions for those trained in history. Guests write about their careers in museums, universities, libraries, diplomatic corps, etc. Click here for the blog, and be sure to follow the blog back into the older postings for more history-related careers.