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Once you have formally applied to Ambrose, our Enrolment Department will need to receive your official transcripts. Any high school students outside Alberta can request unoffical transcripts until grade 12 courses are completed.

  • If you have completed your high school diploma in Alberta or are currently enroled as a high school student in Alberta, your transcripts will automatically be sent to us
  • If you are a High school student outside of Alberta, contact your High school Registrar's office and request your transcripts to be sent to the Ambrose Enrolment Department.
  • If you have attended any post-secondary institutions outside of the province of Alberta, please contact your school’s Registrar’s Office and have them send an Official Transcript to Ambrose on your behalf.
  • Official Transcripts from non-English institutions will only be accepted with a certified English translation.
  • Photocopies and faxed copies of transcripts, and copies of transcripts received directly from the student are not considered official documents.

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Ambrose Codes

International Baccalaureate 03552
Advanced Placement 5672
TOEFL 8915
SAT Score 5672