Ambrose University

Student Resources

Learning Services Centre
The Learning Services Centre (LSC) is available for you to access. The LSC offers assignment proofreading, seminars on various study skills, and resources for research and paper writing. In addition, LSC works with students in regards to time management and study stress issues.

International Student Services

Our International Student Services Coordinator is here to serve our international students; whether it be housing needs, healthcare questions, understanding their rights and responsibilities as non–Canadians residing in Canada, or just wanting someone to take the time to listen. It is our desire to make your transition to Calgary a positive experience.

Counselling Services
Our counselling services are offered in order to address many of the concerns that students may encounter during their time at Ambrose University. These include personal and emotional problems that may interfere with an individual’s success and well–being during their academic experience. All appointments are strictly confidential and must be booked through the Student Development office.

Career Services
Preparing for the transition from university to the world of work can be an exciting, yet stressful or even confusing process. The Career Centre will guide you through your education and help you prepare for life after graduation.


On-Campus Clubs
There is a whole array of clubs operating at Ambrose. Clubs provide an opportunity to try something new or indulge an interest or pastime, as well as an opportunity to make new friends.

Statement on Sexual Identity