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Convocation Chapel Fall 2022

This year’s chapel series started with Ambrose’s annual Convocation Chapel on September 13, 2022.

Provost, Senior Vice President Academic Affairs Dr. Pam M. Nordstrom lead with a prayer of encouragement to students, faculty and staff alike as we enter the new academic year. Dr. Kyle Jantzen, Dean of Arts and Science, spoke to the question ‘how has my faith been shaped by being at Ambrose University.’ Narrowing the answer down to one word, community, Dr. Jantzen referred to his memories of discussions with colleagues, learning how unique views on Christianity are and the impact these conversations have had on his own journey in faith.

Commemorating the recent loss of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Dr. Gordon T. Smith, President, noted the change not only in monarchs but political climate. With a hope for more recognition and reconciliation for colonialism and slavery, Dr. Smith suggested an open heart and mind as we enter a new era. Reiterating the message from Ambrose Day in August, Dr. Smith began talking about the chapel series for the year, how we can be in the city, not of the city, God places us in. Paying homage to his visit to The Bridge Community Church in Lethbridge, Dr. Smith noted their slogan ‘build bridges not walls.’ As Calgary becomes more culturally rich and diverse, the importance of seeking well-being and peace within the city we are in becomes increasingly important. Positive impact and articulation of the vision of Christian life that represents a counter-cultural gospel were two of the ways Dr. Smith saw Ambrose contributing and being in, not of, the city.

A student led prayer for the welfare of our city continued by Monique Verhoef, Associate Vice President, Student Life, and Dr. Murray MacTavish, Dean, School of Business, displayed a powerful message of unity across Ambrose University. The chapel concluded with a message from Dean of Theology, Rev. Dr. Bryce Ashlin-Mayo. Sharing words of encouragement to students going into the academic year, Rev. Dr. Ashlin-Mayo brought attention to how fortunate we are to be able to study so accessibly. In a final statement, he recommended going into the academic year with a grateful embrace of the privilege to study in God’s grace.

Monday, September 19, 2022
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