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COVID Protocols

December 9 - Student Update 

On December 9, students received the following email about the new restrictions released by the Alberta Government in the efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the province. The restrictions implemented by the government include a ban on all indoor and outdoor social gatherings, as well as a mandatory work from home order, and restrictions that impact some services offered at Ambrose. As a result of these restrictions, we will be making adjustments to the services available at Ambrose beginning on Sunday, December 13.

Courses & Final Exams

These restrictions will include moving the final day of classes (December 14) online. Final exams will continue online as previously communicated. It is important to continue to monitor your Ambrose email and student portal for information regarding campus availability and your courses for Winter 2021.

Winter 2021

Classes will begin on January 11 as per the academic schedule (School of Education students receive direction from faculty). All classes will be delivered in-person (classroom listed), hybrid (classroom listed), or online as is noted on your student registration system. Please check your student registration system for the most up to date course information. Ambrose will continue to provide an online option (due to COVID-related concerns) where possible for all classes. There may be specific courses where this is not an option due to the content (e.g. labs, theatre). Please contact the instructor directly for more course information. The Office of the Registrar can also be reached at

Ambrose Facilities

The Calf will remain open in order to serve our students living in residence. Seating in the cafeteria will be changed to one seat per table. When you are not eating, you must continue to wear your mask and maintain the physical distancing.

We advise that you purchase your textbooks from the Lions’ for next semester before heading home for the holidays, if possible. Shipping is available for those who are unable to come in person. Please visit the Lions’ Store website for more information.

Residence Director, Odum Abekah, will be following up with a residence specific email later today.

Given the latest public health measures, we strongly discourage you from coming to campus between December 13th and January 11th. Please remember to check your lockers for anything you may need.

We understand that this is an unsettling time, and we encourage you to reach out for supports as we finish this semester. Mental health resources are available on our website.  Academic supports continue to be available online through our Academic Success office as well as through your faculty. Please reach out for help as needed. 

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, please contact

COVID Protocols

Wearing masks and following social distancing measures and other institutional safety directions are understood within the context of the Ambrose community standards for 2020. The expectations for all persons on campus are as follows:

Upon Arriving on Campus

  • Put on your mask and sanitize your hands before touching shared surfaces
  • Read the sign on the door regarding the collection of personal information for the purpose of contact tracing. Every time you come onto campus you must complete the AHS self-assessment
  • Swipe your ID card to enter the building
  • Enter through the appropriate door – they are marked for entry and exit to increase physical distancing
  • See the Health Ambassador for directions to your destination

While on Campus

  • Sanitize your hands regularly
  • Observe directional signs and designated entries and exits
  • Between classes, there are designated waiting areas to avoid gatherings
  • Do not move chairs together in groups
  • The cafeteria is set up for individual dining, please do not move the tables and chairs together.

If you are experiencing COVID Symptoms

If you are experiencing COVID symptoms while on campus, do your best to isolate yourself and contact Student Life or Campus Security. 

If you are in residence, return to your room and contact the Residence Director. 

If you are at home, call 811 and take the AHS self-assessment. Contact Student Life to let them know you have experienced symptoms and contact your professors to let them know you will be unable to attend in-person classes. You may return to campus after being cleared by AHS. 

Campus Services and Events

The Collegium and Seminary Commons are open. There will be no fee to participate in the Collegium this year.  There will also be reduced programming and a change to the room set up to ensure physical distancing and reduction of access to high touch surfaces. 

Chapel will still happen on-campus in-person (for the first 100 people) and on-line for those who want to participate. We will have one worship chapel service on Tuesdays and a second chapel event called “Ambrose Responds” which will be on-line during the chapel time on Thursdays.   Small groups and other spiritual formation opportunities will also be available.

Counselling will continue to be available with options for in-person and on-line.

If there is a ‘second wave’ impacting Ambrose could this mean a further closure of campus? How will this be communicated?

This would be a decision taken by senior administration in consultation with Alberta Health Services and any action communicated promptly through the various distribution channels.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Student Life at