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In an effort to decrease the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the campus is currently closed to guests. A guest is anyone who is not an Ambrose employee, student, or Board member. Contractors or vendors are not considered guests, but their presence is monitored closely through Facilities Services. A request for an exemption must be approved by Campus Services. 

Who is a guest:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Those coming to attend pre-booked meetings
    • These guests need to fill out contact tracing information at the door.
    • Informing Campus Services ahead of the meeting is helpful.
  • Students practicing instruments in a group or orchestra members
  • Those coming to attend events
  • Anyone who doesn’t have an ID card

Every guest needs to check-in at reception. Guest visits are to be for business purposes only.

All approved guests to Ambrose will be required to check-in at reception and provide their name, email, and phone number for Alberta Health Services contract tracing.*

Guests are also required to wear a mask, sanitize their hands upon entering the building and maintaining physical distancing protocols. 

*Personal information collected for COVID-19 contact tracing will be solely used for this purpose under the legal authority of PIPA.