Education Practicum

FE500: An Introduction to Field Experience

In this observation round, Ambrose University pre-service teachers deepen and broaden their understanding of the lives of students, teachers and principals in Alberta public schools. Through partnerships with a variety of school sites, pre-service teachers participate in observation visits, reflective discourse and novice action research. The developmental focus of the FE500 seminar is on the interconnectedness of learners, teachers, curriculum and society within classrooms and schools. Exposure to a variety of schools allows pre-service teachers to better appreciate the diversity of education models in Alberta. 

Field Experience 500 does not require a teacher evaluation.

FE600: An Understanding and Application of Field Experience

The second practicum is the introduction to teaching. Ambrose University pre-service teachers deepen and broaden their understanding of teachers and teaching and learners and learning through their field experience partnership. The weekly FE600 seminar assists pre-service teachers in making sense of their experiences while continuing to foster discussion, collaboration and the application of theory to practice. Over the 5-week practicum, partner teachers provide an elementary classroom setting rich with authentic experiences, ongoing feedback and support.

Field Experience 600 requires a midpoint assessment and final evaluation.

FE600 Documents

FE 700: A Synthesis of Field Experience

This final 10-week practicum occurs in both terms 3 and 4 to provide authentic connections between coursework and fieldwork. Ambrose University pre-service teachers explore The Life of Curriculum Design and Program Development as they design learning tasks to meet diverse student needs in inclusive public school classrooms. The FE700 seminar uses professional inquiry to foster deep thinking in the development of identity formation while preparing pre-service teachers for increased teaching responsibility. 

Field Experience 700 requires a midpoint assessment and final evaluation.

FE700 Documents

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