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Course Descriptions

CDPD 400- Strategizing for Numeracy in the elementary classroom

For practicing educators, an examination of numeracy pedagogy connecting research to present day instructional practices. Students will build personal and common understandings of how children in schools engage with quantitative or spatial information to create meaning in the K-6 classroom. Instruction will build on a model of co-construction which will culminate with the development of a numeracy plan for use in their classrooms. Topics include visible numeracy practices that promote number conservation, problem-solving skills, mathematical relationships, geometrical thinking, and differentiation and assessment.

Alberta Bursary Eligible

Quick FAQ

  • Each teacher must work with TQS individually to determine if the course counts based on their own educational backgrounds.
  • Great opportunity for those thinking about returning for a Master's degree to try out taking a course while working.
  • Are you interested in alternate locations? There may be an opportunity for some courses to be offered in Chestemere. If so, please contact enrolment for more information.
  • The provincial government has not yet finalized the Math education course bursary.  More information is forthcoming from them. If interested in the Math course and potential bursary (up to $2000 from government), please contact enrolment.
  • All courses are taught by instructors with a Master's/PhD and are practicing teachers in the field, making them current and relevant.
  • Courses balance theory and practice with major assignments geared towards the teachers’ own classroom work.

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