Educational Travel

Experience world culture and history while earning credit toward your degree. Each year Ambrose students and professors venture all over the world on travel study trips unique to their discipline. Why not let new ideas and experiences transform the way you learn?

Travel that is Beyond a Vacation

Join Ambrose faculty and students on educational travel that lets you both see and understand the past and present of our world and its culture. 

Expand your global horizons. Stimulate your imagination. Deepen your understanding, and infuse your life with adventure.

Dr. Charles Nienkirchen, Professor of History and Christian Spirituality, directs an award-winning travel study program called Down Ancient Paths. To find out more, visit


Study abroad for one semester through BestSemester, which offers 12 different off-campus and study abroad opportunities around the world through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. This learning experience challenges your thinking, broadens your horizons and strengthens your faith. Locations include China, Australia, India, the USA, Israel, Uganda and England.

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