Engaged with Business, Engaged with Calgary

Engaged with Business, Engaged with Calgary

Ambrose University is a part of Calgary's business community

Guest Speaker Visits Business Classroom

On November 30, our business students and faculty were thrilled to welcome Dr. Sandip Lalli, President and CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, to discuss city economics with our introductory economic class. Dr. Lalli’s career has taken her to over 30 countries and recently she made her home in Calgary, when she accepted her current position in April.

“Being part of our city is important for Ambrose,” began Angie Redecopp, Associate Professor of Business and Development Studies. “To have a guest speaker such as Dr. Lalli, who is inspiring, engaging and tapped into all aspects of Calgary business, is a great opportunity for our students to connect with business professionals, ask questions and to hear firsthand lessons from industry leaders.”

Insight into a Career in Business

During the class visit, Dr. Lalli discussed a wide variety of topics including the recent Olympic plebiscite, pipelines, her thoughts on the stagnant economy, and her recent interview with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Dr. Lalli also discussed her career and her philosophy for life – say yes to opportunity and know your values. She expressed conviction and equity as important values for herself.

“Sandip was incredibly well-spoken. I thought it was interesting that she mentioned being a shy child and having to develop and hone her communication skills. This is a great lesson for anyone who feels like they may not be a naturally strong communicator,” explained Sarah Janz, third year business student.

Students Take Part in Discussion

Students were encouraged to ask questions and dialogue with Dr. Lalli. Second year business student Cole Tanasiychuk, asked about our city and the current economic downturn.

“In a time where business and commerce in Calgary feels stagnate, it’s good to know that there are people like Sandip who are not complacent with the current state of the city,” said Tanasiychuk.

Dr. Lalli emphasized the need for businesses to flourish so that they can give back to community. When asked how the Chamber decides to support different initiatives, Dr. Lalli responded that it all ties back to the Chamber vision which is to nourish, power and inspire the world.

Business Program Values Align with Calgary Vision

“It was encouraging to see how the Business Program’s own values were aligned with what Dr. Lalli was speaking to,” added Redecopp. “The primary objective of the economics class is for students to thinking deeply about the world they live in and the economics behind it – managing resources to meet needs and enhance well-being for all.”

Ambrose as a university is very much part of Calgary and building its future leaders. The Ambrose Business Program seeks to connect its students to the business community and this visit was an excellent opportunity to make that connection.

 “Ambrose University is located the other end of the Calgary light transit from City Hall, the Calgary Arts Commons and now, of course, our magnificent new public library and this speaks to our commitment to be engaged in the civic life of this city – education, business, the arts and more,” said Gordon Smith, President of Ambrose University.

Ambrose University would like to thank Dr. Lalli for her visit and for her words of inspiration for the students.

Dr. Lalli also had some kind words to share with students as they write their exams:


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