Ambrose University

Cook, Charles

Professor of Global Studies and Mission, Director of the Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives (PhD, MDiv, BTh)


Office: L2045
Telephone: 403-410-2000 ext. 7901


PhD (Trinity International University)
MDiv (Ambrose Seminary)
BTh (Ambrose University College)


I am a global soul, born in Canada but raised in Latin America and now wander the globe (intentionally) doing “kingdom stuff”.  Born to C&MA international workers, I grew up in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and worked in Bolivia, Mexico and Argentina.  I have been involved in establishing communities of faith in a variety of places around the world.  On returning to Canada I assumed the role of Professor of Global Studies and Mission at Ambrose University College and Seminary. When not teaching I enjoy leaving Calgary for various corners of the globe to explore, research, minister, and learn. My hobby is creating NGOs (Not for Profit Organizations) that seek to address issues affecting the global community.

Please note: Charles Cook is on Sabbatical from July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014

Courses Taught

Mentoring for Intercultural Effectiveness
Intercultural Competence
Perspectives on the World  Christian Movement
Biblical Theology of Mission
Cross-cultural Church Planting
Cultural Anthropology
Dynamics of Church Growth
Ethnographic Research
History of Mission
Intercultural  Communication
Transformational Mentoring
Intercultural Competencies
Leadership Training for Mission
Mentoring for Intercultural Competency
Leadership and Management
Mexican History and Culture
Mission in Global Perspective
Missiological Research
New Testament Evangelism
Personal and Corporate Outreach
Contemporary Religious Movements
Establishing Communities of Faith
Spanish Levels 1 & 2
Spirituality of the Road
Trends and Issues in Mission
World Religions and Cults
Researching Short-term Mission

Current Research

New Models for Mission: Creating a New Missiological Resource for the Canadian Church. A research project sponsored by the EFC.

Church Mission: What the 21st Century Canadian Churches say About Mission.  A research project generated in conjunction with the EFC.

Recent Publications

“onSite Study Abroad:  A Non-formal Experience Oriented Model for
Intercultural Missions Training,” in Missions Practice in the 21st Century.  Edited by Enoch Wan and Sadiri Joy Tira.  2009.  Pasadena, CA:  William Carey Library, p. 83-106.   

“Hacia un Ministerio de Misiones de corto Plazo.”  In Misiones de Corto Plazo en America Latina:  Reflexiones y Perspectiva.  Edited by Tito Paredes.  2009.  Lima, Peru:  Centro Evangelicio de Misiologia-a Andino-Amazonica, p. 49-79.

“Short-term Missions and the Law:  Lessons from Canada,” In Effective Engagement in Short-term Missions:  Doing it Right!  Edited by Robert J. Priest.  2008 Pasadena, CA:  William Carey Library, p. 371-406

Recent Conference Presentations

“Global Reach of the Canadian Local Church,” Antalia, Turkey.  March 2010, C&MA of Canada General Assembly

“Church to Church Code of Best Practice,” Seminar at Tyndale University College, Dec.  2009

“Assessing the Long-Term Impact of Intercultural Sojourns,” McMaster Divinity College, Feb. 2005.