Faith Æffects Podcast: The making of

Faith Æffects Podcast: The making of

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For Mark Buchanan and Bernie Van De Walle, the idea for the Faith Æffects podcast came to them almost as quick as their commitment to hosting.   

The Faith Æffects podcast was released on January 29, 2019 and seeks to answer the question of how faith both effects and affects life. Mark Buchanan and Bernie Van De Walle are both professors at Ambrose University. Mark, a Professor of Pastoral Theology, and Bernie, Professor of Systematic Theology, were asked (or voluntold depending on who you talk to) if they were interested in hosting a podcast back in the fall of 2018. 

“We walked into the room, thinking it was like a first date. We would take some time, ponder the idea of cohosting a podcast and see if we were prepared to take the next step,” began Bernie. “As we sat down, we realized that we were already engaged to the podcast and the launch or ceremony was already being planned.”

It was in that meeting, that Mark and Bernie came up with the name, the concept and even began a guest list.

“We’re just super mellow guys,” said Mark with his understated wit. “Once we had the name and the basic concept, the podcast just began to snowball and before we knew it we had a studio set up and were recording our first episode.” 

With their backgrounds teaching what’s under theology and how it can be practically applied, the Faith Æffects concept seemed to be a natural fit.

Despite only having recorded a couple of episodes, Mark and Bernie agreed that there is a lot working well and a few lessons learned.

“It can be challenging to be crisp,” Mark states. “It’s very different from a classroom environment where you can nuance and expanded in great detail. Within our 30 minutes we try to deliver hard-hitting, edgy conversations that people don’t want to turn off.” 

Bernie added that he would love to hear about someone needing to pullover their car to just sit and be awed by an interview.

“We want to be edgy and not look at focusing on safe content,” said Bernie. “We want our listeners to feel challenged, in a good way, and ultimately be on the edge of their seats. We have some really great guests lined up. I think these are not only speakers that people will want to hear, but messages that we need to hear.”

Mark added “we believe in the art of a good interview. We’re just here to honour our guests, get to the heart of the subject, and ask questions to evoke ways to work out theology in an edgy way.

Both Mark and Bernie agreed that (spoiler alert) asking Brian Doerksen about what is overdone in Christian music, is a great example of achieving that goal. The response, which you will have to listen to the podcast to hear, was thought provoking and gave insight into something seemingly standard but then pushed the boundary and evoked serious, meaningful thought.

Are you on the edge of your seat? To hear Brian’s response tune into Faith Æffects next episode airing March 25.