Ambrose President Gordon Smith
To our faithful and prospective supporters,

Thank you for considering a gift to Ambrose University. We have embarked on a new campaign to attract students to our university to join of vision for faith inspired learning.

Today, a Christian liberal arts university is all the more important in an increasingly pluralistic and secular society. We are keen to provide a strong alternative to the public university, with an emphasis on the integration of faith and learning, transformation in Christ, and authentic Christian community as the context and setting for excellence in higher education.

Our vision includes growth in enrolment and student satisfaction, growth in the selection of degrees we offer, the expansion of our campus, and the recognition of Ambrose University as one of the top destinations in Canada for Christian liberal arts education and ministry training. It is with this in mind that we ask you choose to join us in equipping our students to lead Godly lives, either in full time ministry or as leaders in the greater community.


Gordon T. Smith


Ambrose Student Joshua Cairns


Despite a lack of interest in faith, Joshua Cairns was drawn to Ambrose because of the strong emphasis on quality education in the biology program and the strong sense of community that he felt at an enrolment open house.

As a student, Joshua leaned into that sense of community and found purpose and meaning that complimented his academic success. The relationships he built with fellow students and faculty brought Joshua to faith in Christ. “Ambrose has really brought together three areas of my life: spiritual, scientific and self-awareness.”

As Joshua completes his Bachelor of Science in Biology, he has great hope for the future. He plans to use his Ambrose education to pursue medicine with a faith-based emphasis, and serve in the community to share the skills God has given him.


Match Your Gift to Your Personal Interests

You can give to:

Annual Fund

A Pledge of Faith to
Christian Higher Education

A donation to our Annual Fund helps our day-to-day operations. It enables us to upgrade library services, to enrich student programs and amenities and to attract exceptional faculty. It is a contribution to the growing success of Ambrose.

Student Awards

Change the World by
Supporting Christian Youth

Students choose Ambrose as a step in pursuing God’s call on their lives. You can help ease their financial burden by creating or supporting existing student awards. Each student who receives an award is encouraged and affirmed in their life-calling.

Capital Funds

A Top Destination for
Christian Higher Education

Your generosity to our Capital Fund will not only improve our existing space, it will also enable us to continually expand to meet our growing student enrolment. Our Campus Master Plan has outlined our projected growth and needs to 2018.


Solving Real World Issues Through Research

By giving to the Canadian Poverty Institute, Flourishing Congregations Institute or Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives you will be supporting the research that helps resolve real world issues - bridging the gap between research and practice. Learn about the institutions of Ambrose.

Lions Pride

Build and Strengthen Our Athletes

By supporting Ambrose University’s Lions Athletics, you are enabling us to invest in coaching, travel, equipment and athletic student scholarships. Support our gifted athletes academically, spiritually and physically in their pursuit of triumph in the competitive world of sports.


The simplest and surest way we can give, is through prayer.
Whatever the circumstances may be in your life, we are grateful for any prayer you are able to offer.

Pray for Ambrose


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Mail a cheque payable to Ambrose University to:

Ambrose University 
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By Phone

To donate by phone, call 403-410-2920, Monday to Friday from 8:30am - 4:30pm.

A Legacy Gift

We are deeply moved by your interest to bequest a legacy gift to Ambrose. Your generosity will create dynamic leaders for many generations to come.

Leave a Legacy Gift


Contributions made through RRSP’s, life insurance, annuities and gifts of securities are all ways you can support our cause and make a difference in the lives of young aspiring learners.

How do you want to give?

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“As students, there is so much potential to discover and pursue faith and your calling in deeper ways.” 

-- Joshua Cairns

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