How to Balance Work and School

How to Balance Work and School

Ambrose Student Ambassador Kaitlin Henczel

For some students working as a student isn’t a choice but a requirement. Working as a student has been my reality during my time at Ambrose University. So, how do you balance part-time work and full-time school? Here are some helpful tips to help you figure it out:

Find a job that allows for a flexible schedule and hours

A job that allows your shifts to change or vary week-to-week can be very beneficial. It might not seem that important at first, but on those weeks when everything is due and you need to study for exams, you’ll be grateful for the flexibility you do have.

Ensure open communication with your boss from the beginning

Make sure your boss is aware that you are a full-time student. Keep open communication with your boss or supervisor about how they can support you through times of stress. Make sure in doing so that you still maintain professionalism; however, adding a personal element shows your boss your responsibility and care you have for your commitments.

Maintain school as your priority but make sure to look after yourself

You’re paying to go to school, so that needs to be your top priority. However, don’t cut yourself short by not allowing yourself time to breathe and relax. If you need to adjust your class schedule to leave room for a part-time job throughout the week and still have time to relax on the weekends, do it. Your mental health is very important to your well being.

Plan ahead

Create a schedule or plan for your week. Know when your work shifts are and when you have projects or exams, and plan accordingly. Falling behind on assignments because of work can be avoided if you schedule and stick to your plan. If you know you have an eight-hour shift at work on Monday and an exam on Tuesday, start studying early, so you have time to recharge before your exam. Know yourself, your study habits and stick to a schedule.

Don’t overcommit

If this is your first time working and going to school, it is best to start with a few hours at work and build up your hours later on when you feel more comfortable. It is better to start with a manageable amount of hours then starting with too much and not be able to live up to your commitments.

Location is key

If you can find a job that is close to your school or close to where you live it will save you both time and gas money. The closer you are to where you work, the less time you have to spend driving to work or getting stuck in traffic. Having a convenient work location will prove very important in the long run.


So, now that you have some helpful tips go out and crush that job interview and find yourself a job! Lots of students do it and so can you!
If you are looking for a job check out the Ambrose University Job Board

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